Criminal Minds S02, Ep03 – The Perfect Storm

Show: Criminal Minds
Season: 2
Episode: 3
Title: The Perfect Storm
Original Air Date: October 4, 2006

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Favorite Quotes:

* Gideon: “Of all the animals, man is the only one that is cruel. He is the only one who inflicts pain for the pleasure of doing it.” – Mark Twain

* Hotch: “Out of suffering have emerged the strongest souls. The most massive characters are seared with scars.” – Khalil Gibran

Synopsis: A woman steps out of her trailer smoke and check her mail. She grabs the mail and it’s a dvd. Her husband puts it in the laptop. He play the video and it’s of their daughter being brutalized. The father has a heart attack and dies while watching it. At the office, the team is briefed. This had been going on for a while, but the BAU was just brought in. Reid notes the escalations in the series of murders. Gideon points out that the killer is doing this not just for himself but for someone else. They determine someone is filming while another is killing because the camera moves. On the plane, they continue to analyze the video. Partner crimes are described at length. Garcia calls and tells them that the body has been found. They visit the mother and try to learn about her daughter. Morgan and Gideon go to the scene where the body was found. The take a look at the body in situ. At the local stations, there is new murders to look at. Two specifically may fit with the pair murdering. JJ notices that the videos were only sent to the mothers. A woman jogging is stopped and asked for directions. As she turns to continue jogging someone in the van grabs her. The team briefs the investigators on the profile they have of the killing team so far. JJ interrupts the meeting. On the tv a woman is begging for her daughter to be returned. She was kidnapped from a different city. Garcia is analyzing everything. The mother comes in with a video and they convince her not to watch the video. Gideon and Morgan to a home looking for Joseph Davin. He pulls a gun. He commits suicide by cop. They talk to his father to try and learn more about him. Morgan thinks he’s not the dominate of the pair. Gideon calls Garcia looking for the now dead man’s cell mate(s). Hotch and Elle goes to the mechanic’s shop he works at. They learn some key facts. The team goes to visit the wife of his cell mate. They don’t get much information. Mrs. Canardo comes to the station beat up. Reid spots the ring she is wearing. It’s one of the dead women’s ring. Tony comes home and Morgan follows. But Tony is waitng and hits Morgan with a bat. Morgan wins easily. Once inside, they start playing videos recorded. The dead women are on them. Hotch interrogates him. Gideon wants to put the wife in the room to break him. Gideon asks her to talk to him. He gets her to agree. Tony freaks out about 7 murders. He gives up a storage unit. Elle and JJ go over Tony’s history. Elle does not think he’s the leader. The team goes to the storage unit and find the woman is not there. Gideon and Reid rewatch the meeting between Tony and his wife. It’s not adding up. Garcia has analyzed the video and the wife’s voice is there. She is the one in charge. Gideon goes after Tony again. Garcia calls, she’s found information on the wife. She was a victim as a child. Gideon informs Tony that she has done this before and he doesn’t believe it. Tony finally tells them where the woman is. The team gets to the cabin in time to save Tiffany. They arrest Amber, the wife. Garcia struggles with what she has seen. On the plane, they get a call. The missing boyfriend has been found.

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