Mama’s Family S02, Ep12 – Black Belt Mama

Show: Mama’s Family
Season: 2
Episode: 12
Title: Black Belt Mama
Original Air Date: January 14, 1984

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Favorite Quotes:

* Vint: How can I ruin something that doesn’t work?

* Mama: I know that Naomi is interested in it so it has to be something that appeals to a bird brain.

* Mama: I’m shaking worse than a wino in prohibition.

* Mama: Well what is this? Get Mama night? You gonna tell me it’s my fault I was robbed?

* Naomi: Chuck says we’re supposed to move like a well oiled machine.
Mama: Well the oil drained out of my crank case years ago.

* Naomi: Let’s say you want to attack me.
Mama: This is getting better all the time.

* Mama: All right Chuck, go ahead and make my day.

* Sonja: You’re a hero grandma.
Mama: I just wish they didn’t have to print a heroes age.

Synopsis: Vint is trying to fix the iron and he fails. They discuss Naomi and the self defense class that she is taking. She arrives home and gives them a karate demonstration. They discuss the muggings that have been going on around town. Mama is not impressed with the whole thing. Vint keeps trying to fix the iron and winds up shorting out the electricity. Later in the kitchen, Vint is feeding Buzz. Mama comes in the door looking like she’s been attacked. She’s holding her purse handle, but the purse is gone. She’s so upset she can’t speak. She finally calms down and then tells them about her mugging. Buzz wants her to call the police and report the crime. She tells him to and he does. He gets her to give the police a description. Naomi is at her karate class, with Sonja and Fran. Mama shows up and nearly gets punched. They all start discussing what went wrong and why Mama was mugged. Mama is going to learn karate. But first she has to stretch. She gets stuck and Chuck has to roll her backwards. Mama is not stretchy. Chuck demonstrates some moves he’s going to try and teach them. Everyone gets up to practice except Mama. Chuck pairs her with his star pupil, Naomi. It goes downhill fast. Chuck does a demonstration with Sonja. It fails so he asks Naomi to assist him. She actually performs quite well. Now chuck tries with Mama and she headbutts him. It’s another day and Mama heads to the bus stop. She and another older lady commiserate over the changing times. Mama traumatizes a few passerbys. The mugger comes back. She does her karate demonstration and then tricks him. She disables him by whacking him in the head with her bag, it’s got her new iron in it. Mama makes the paper. She acts humble until Buzz walks in with a huge stacks of newspapers.

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