Numb3rs S02, Ep10 – Bones of Contention

Show: Numb3rs
Season: 2
Episode: 10
Title: Bones of Contention
Original Air Date: December 9, 2005

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Favorite Quotes:

* Charlie: It was a very old new find.

* Megan: And from what Hill just told me that would be enough of a reason to kill.

* Charlie: There exists this needs to hold on to things.

* Alan: Science versus religion, that could get ugly.

* Larry: Bones.
Charlie: They don’t make the man.
Larry: And they sure don’t make the soul.

Synopsis: A woman works in a lab. She leaves and sees a shadow. She is attacked. Don and his team shows up as she is now dead. A security guard found her doing his rounds. Don learns she was doing carbon dating research and gets a tour of the lab she was working in. Her supervisor doesn’t understand why she was there working by herself so late as it wasn’t protocol. At the house, Charlie is going through the garage. Megan interviews the victims landlord and learns her married boss would sometimes drop her off. They can’t figure out why she was there working on something no one knew about. Megan and David go and talk to her boss. They did have an affair. It turns out that sometimes they are asked to date a private piece. That’s why she was there so late. Charlie did some analysis. The skull that was being tested was actually 10,000 years old. Older than anything else found in the area. Megan goes to chat with the Native American Council. She is able to get the information she wants because she treats them with respect. At Charlie’s office, Amita arrives and is distressed over her day. Charlie brings up his dad. Megan and David go and visit a seller of artifacts. He decides to give them some information to assist their case. Don goes to an expert with the measurements of the skull. He gets a geography lesson. The woman uses those measurements to do a digital reconstruction of the skull. It may not be Native American but European. Jennifer, the deceased’s, boss is the one who actually found it. Don lets Charlie know about the skull’s origin. At the house, Larry uses molecular gastronomy to make ice cream. Alan and Don volunteer to do the dishes. Don takes the time to talk to Alan about their mom. It doesn’t go well. While Megan interviews the head of the council he gets a call about his home being broken into. The man who broke in is Hill. The head of the council asked Megan to find him. While the lawyer makes threats. At the office, they try and figure out what Hill is thinking. Megan asks Charlie and Larry to look at some equations. Hill is trying to figure out where more settlements could be to find more remains. The lawyer stonewalls her on the information. Charlie tries to figure out his next move. He talked to experts and the odds of Hill finding another site is small. Megan realizes he’s gone back to the original dig site to try and find more bones. Don and his team find him digging. Megan confirms he has an alibi for the murder. David finds a list of disenrolled tribe membership. The security guard at the school who found Jennifer’s body is on that list. They go talk to him. He tells them that he was told if he helped get the skull back his mom’s name would be relisted as a member of the tribe. They go back to talk to the chief. He got the skull so he could stop the lawyer from destroying the tribe because of greed. He wanted his people to be one again. Back at Charlie’s office, he and Larry discuss the skulls significance. Back at the house, the boys are worried about Alan. He’s getting rid of his wife’s clothes after doing a lot of thinking. The boys “try” to hug it out.

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