Elementary S03, Ep02 – The Five Orange Pips

Show: Elementary
Season: 3
Episode: 2
Title: The Five Orange Pips
Original Air Date: November 6, 2014

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Favorite Quotes:

* Sherlock: I can assure you I am the most likely individual in the world to prove that you are not the real killer.

* Bell: This new girl, stable is not the first word that comes to mind.

* Sherlock: Did you forget that we’re co-consulting?

* Joan: Sure, but who bumps into their Bin Laden on the street and doesn’t tell anyone?

* Sherlock: I believe she will make an excellent investigator, just not today.

* Sherlock If you want to be a detective Kitty accept that you’ll be taking pains.

Synopsis: At the station, Sherlock and Bell chat about Kitty. Sherlock provides some help on the case Bell has been working. Murder over a bird. Elsewhere, a man comes home with a bag. He opens a piece of mail to find 5 orange beads. The man calls someone but gets Gregson instead. Gunshots ring out. Sherlock enters the Morgue and finds Watson there. She agrees to work this case with him. The victims are related. One was sued for poisoning kids and the other was his defense lawyer. The two chat with Gregson and an FBI agent who handled the original case. Kitty is at the scene with Bell. Sherlock sends the list of parents to Kitty. The zip code on the package at the dead lawyer’s office matches the zip code of one of the parents. Gregson, Watson and Sherlock visit that man. Back at the brownstone, Kitty is blasting music while painting. She’s irritated with Sherlock. At the station, Watson is there. Mr. Coleman, the suspect, comes to the station. He’s come down to confess. Sherlock and Kitty go to talk with him. The gun that Coleman turned over is the murder weapon. But Sherlock thinks those items were planted in his house. As they talk, he tells his story. Watson updates Bell about Openshaw’s injuries. Bell asks about Kitty and describes her as intense. The three meet the prosecutor who handled the case. They tell her that they believe Coleman is being framed. There is some video footage but they are not allowed to see it. Kitty pushed the prosecutor too far and Sherlock is furious. Back at the station, Bell tells Joan he got a hit on the traffic cams. The driver tells them he saw Openshaw with the prosecutor three weeks ago. A meeting with her does not go well. At the station, Joan confronts Sherlock about Kitty, but he dodges the questions. The group pays a visit to the FBI agent who did the surveillance of the lawyer. He tells them that there was a box of files missing. If the case actually went to trial they would have lost. Gregson brings in the prosecutor. The lawyer was blackmailing her. She confesses to be being blackmailed but nothing else. She also doesn’t know how the FBI agent knew about the missing files as he was not told. Her theory is that he took the files. They head to his house to find him gone. At the brownstone, Sherlock discovers the agent in the wind asked to be assigned to the case. Kitty gets annoyed that Sherlock and Joan are working so well together and decides to leave for the evening. Sherlock tells Joan that Kitty has only existed for five years because she was the victim of a crime and given a new identity. He gives Joan the file. Joan is shocked. She does agree with Kitty that helping the man escape just to kill him makes no sense. Sherlock posits that it might have been necessary because the case is still open. Gregson and company find the missing FBI agent. He was stealing all the games because the drugs in them are worth millions. Back at the station, Joan finds Kitty going over some of their previous cases. They discuss the file and Joan tells her she did not open it. Kitty tells her to read it. That night at her apartment Joan does as Kitty asks and reads it.

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