Numb3rs S02, Ep05 – Assassin

Show: Numb3rs
Season: 2
Episode: 5
Title: Assassin
Original Air Date: October 21, 2005

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Favorite Quotes:

* Megan: An assassination on US soil?
Charlie: Yeah.

* Alan: When it’s done right you never find out who did it.

* Larry: It’s field work. It’s just field work. There’s no substitute.

* Larry: Research can’t be performed in a vacuum. The subject will be changed by the process.

* Charlie: Basic protocol of a secret assassination, be the first respondent.

Synopsis: Don’s at a retirement community. A mother interrupts a son “working.” Don knocks with a search warrant. The “son” tries to run, but he runs into Colby. They find a notebook with codes. Charlie and Larry are working on paper airplane designs. Don takes the notebook to Charlie. He determines it’s a transposition cipher. It’s an assassination plan. The team starts trying to figure it all out. Colby is interrogating the suspect. He gives them the little bit of information he has. They figure out who it is. Charlie is working on the math of the assassination. Amita comes in asking about lunch. Don’s at his office with a representative from Columbia since the target appears to be someone from that country. He learns the assassination is going to be made to look like an accident. Charlie suggests they talk to the man they arrested again for more information. However, he is killed when he gets transferred. Don orders protection for the target. Charlie ponders the target and Larry breaks it to him that his data has gaping holes. He will have to talk to him. Charlie does meet with him, but it’s unsettling. Charlie continues to work in his garage with Larry. David heads to Ruiz’s house to check on him and finds him in the canal half drowned. Don talks to him after he’s recovered. He then meets with the Columbian representative again. Don spots by Charlie’s office with Ruiz’s new schedule. David and Colby catch a break at a computer shop. They can now link the Columbian Consulate with the computer shop, which just happens to be a gun dealer. Don sets a trap for the assassin. The safe house is a fort, but the assassin still gets in. He’s killed. Charlie goes to visit Ruiz. He tells him that he’s going back to Columbia. At the house, Don shows up to go to the party so Charlie can go on his date with Amita. But Amita’s in LA.

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