Crimimal Minds S01, Ep22 – The Fischer King part 1

Show: Criminal Minds
Season: 1
Episode: 22
Title: The Fischer King part 1
Original Air Date: May 10, 2006

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Favorite Quotes:

* Gideon: “No man needs a vacation so much as the man who has just had one.” -Elbert Hubbard

Synopsis: We see a large, older brick home. Inside, a girl is being held prisoner. At the BAU, Elle and Derek are discussing their vacation plans. Everyone runs out the door. The man holding the female prisoner has photos of all the team members. He gives his captive an ominous message. Elle and Derek go to Jamaica to his friend’s resort. They both find some romance. Hotch, is happily cleaning out the garage. At Gideon’s cabin, he is cooking up a fantastic meal. Garcia is in her office playing an online game as JJ comes in. Garcia tells her about the man she plays this game with. Reid has gone to see his Mom. Back at the resort, Elle is enjoying her romance. At Hotch’s he and Haley relive memories. At the cabin, Gideon is romancing Sarah. Hotch gets a strange call. At the resort, there’s blood. They find a dead body in a room. In Garcia’s game all hell breaks loose as she gets hacked. Gideon’s weekend gets interrupted by a delivery. At the resort they follow the blood trail to Elle’s room. Gideon receives a head in a box. Elle gets arrested. They interrogate her. Derek comes to her defense s they check out a room. They learn man who is dead checked in with another and he’s missing. Garcia is fixing her computers as Morgan calls. She goes on a rant. Gideon goes to the office and finds everyone is affected. Hotch arrives to rescue Elle. The man was killed before Elle arrived. JJ finds a package in her office. Reid goes back to see his Mom and is told there’s package for him. We see the female being held prisoner and she is sick. Elle, Morgan and Hotch arrive at the office. JJ gives them the run down on the two men. The team reviews. They realize that this unsub knew where everyone was. Garcia comes in and tells them what happened to her system. She also found the hacker. It’s the same name as the guy who checked in with the dead man. They go to the address. All they find is a sword. But the sword is right through Giles chest. The clues left make no sense till Reid arrives. He solves the clue and they find another in the wall. It’s a box and the key sent to Reid opens it. They find a note and a dvd labeled, “Thy Quest.” They watch the video and no one is amused. Gideon is distraught. Haley comes by. She’s brought him a delivery. They fill her in on the case a bit. The paper is full of numbers. Reid determines it’s a book cipher. They now know who they need to save. The hair matched a missing person. Gideon wants a press conference. The unsubs sees the conference and is not happy. They go over the clues again to try and figure it out. Hotch sends an exhausted Elle home with an agent. Elle arrives home and passes out on the couch. A man walks up on her with a gun. She goes for her gun and he fires. To be continued…

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