Numb3rs S02, Ep03 – Obsession

Show: Numb3rs
Season: 2
Episode: 3
Title: Obsession
Original Air Date: October 7, 2005

Favorite Quotes:

* Charlie: And plus there are also these footprints Larry, I mean this isn’t sasquatch.

* Charlie: The cameras an eye and eyes don’t see everything.

* Don: Interesting good or interesting bad?
Megan: It’s never good when it comes to a psychopath.

* Megan: How are you going to build an image out of nothing at all?

* Don: Looks like he’s in one of his own tabloid stories.

* Alan: If you’re thinking of sending these letters to Amita I would rethink your approach.

Synopsis: A woman swims in a pool. As she gets out of the pool the phone rings, she runs for it and they hang up in her ear. A man in a hooded jacked with a knife suddenly appears and starts chasing her. She runs for it, locking herself in a room and calling 911. Don and Charlie arrive at the scene. Charlie recognizes her immediately. He interviews her. At the office, Megan goes over the six types of stalkers. She throws out some theories that she might have known the stalker and not realized it. The security system never picked him up. Larry shows Charlie and Amita his new classic car. Megan appears and is impressed. She asks Charlie and Amita analyses the footage. David and Colby try and find witnesses but struck out. At the house, Charlie and Larry build a replica of Skylar’s house. They want to check for blind spots. Alan helps them properly place the cameras and fix some design issues. Charlie sees that everything should be covered. Larry points out that the camera can only see certain colors. Charlie tells Don about what he learned. The stalker had to have a remote for the cameras to freeze them, but also he had to know where they were placed. Megan finds something in the letters. She has 20 letters and one pinpoints his stalking started around 3 weeks ago. Don and Megan go talk to Skylar again. As they leave the see something strange. Megan appears at Charlie and Larry’s workspace. They talk about the image and the work being done on it. There’s a note for Charlie and its anonymous. Megan finds a suspect who bought a DWP uniform. They find him, but he’s dead. Where is body is found he has line of sight to Skylar’s house. David and Colby talk to the dead man’s boss. They use his equipment to see what photos he was taking. Skylar doesn’t recognize the photographers photo. Dante Baker, the rap star, was supposed to show up and he did not. David and Colby interrupt Mr. Baker’s gold game. Colby gives him a golf lesson. Megan and Don go over more possibilities. Megan pays a visit to Charlie and asks him about FISH. Megan asks Larry to take her for a ride in his car. In the garage, Charlie is working on the handwriting analysis as Colby stops by to check on his status. FISH gives us Lawrence Pike, but he’s been in jail. Charlie has determined there is a first writer and a copycat. The last four are from the copycat. David decides to run some photos by Charlie. Megan visits Skylar again. She wants to know if anyone else saw those letters. She kept them in a kitchen drawer, so anyone in the house would have access. David pops by Charlie’s office to check on the photo. He gives him the photos. They use items in the photos to determine additional variables. The address they get from Charlie turns out to be Dante Baker’s house. His assistant is there and he is the stalker. He denies just about everything. Based on the interview they are able to bring Dante in. The lawyer tries to weasel his way out. He tells them he found him already dead. Don and Megan pay Skylar another visit. And reveals to her that Dante set her up. She tells them she found Wilcox and had words with him, but he just started taking photos. She hit him over the head with his own tripod. They arrest her. Back at the school, the discussion about the car continues.

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