The X Files S01, Ep21 – Tooms

Show: The X Files
Season: 1
Episode: 21
Title: Tooms
Original Air Date: April 22, 1994

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Favorite Quotes:

* Mulder: There’s no statute of limitations on murder.

* Scully: This isn’t about doing it by the book. You haven’t slept in three days.

* Scully: Mulder, I wouldn’t put myself on the line for anybody but you.

* Skinner: Mulder, are you suggesting Tooms is framing you?
Mulder: Of course.

* Mulder: You can get the next mutant.

Synopsis: In a sanatorium, we hear a child scream for his mother, people crying, etc. Tooms is here. He sticks his arm through the food slot and stretches it out of joint to reach the upper most door lock. A doctor comes to see him and finds him in his room. The doctor tells him that he’s ready to be released. Skinner has Scully in his office. Cigarette smoking man is there. The X Files unit is not being shut down because their solve rate is so high. Eugene Tooms is in court. Mulder is there but Scully is not. Each witness takes the stand. Mulder then takes the stand. Scully finally appears while Mulder testifies. It doesn’t go well. In the hall, Scully tells Mulder she was called into Skinner’s office. He’s released on three conditions. One of which is he live with a husband and wife. Mulder is going to follow him. Tooms continues working for animal control. He’s still hunting for his next victim. He zeroes in on one and Mulder stops him. Scully visits Det. Briggs. She asks him for anything that did not seem to fit. He tells her a 5th victim was discovered but never found. He thinks the body is in the cement of the chemical plant. Scully has the floor searched with ground penetrating radar. Briggs is there too. He finds a dirt spot and announces the body is there. Tooms finds another possible target. The spot Briggs picked out turns out to be correct. A skeletonized hand with a wedding ring is uncovered. Meanwhile, Tooms newest victim drives home and Tooms follows him. But Mulder is still following him and pulls up behind him. Mulder fell asleep in the car. When he wakes he checks the van and finds that Tooms is not in it. He’s slithered into the sewer. The wife of the victim sees green water in her toilet and snakes it. She tries to pull the snake back out and it fighters her. But before she exits the bathroom she puts on the lid lock. Tooms must find another way. He opens a window and goes through the bars. Mulder investigates outside. He sees evidence outside a window and knocks on the door. Mulder tells him there is an intruder in his house. The window where he was working is now open. Outside Tooms’s van is gone. Scully had the remains examined at the Smithsonian. The doctor ran a program to recreated a photo of the person from the skull. It matches the missing person from the 30’s. Scully now joins Mulder on his stake out. He’s worried that the X Files will be ended and he doesn’t want Scully reprimanded. She sends him home. Mulder leaves, but he’s got someone in his trunk and doesn’t know it. As Scully looks at the sandwich with the bite mark she gets an idea. At Mulder’s one of the heating grate screws is coming loose. He doesn’t’ hear the screw fall, but we see Tooms appear. He makes himself look as if he’s been beaten. He tells the doctor Mulder did it. A knock on Mulder’s door wakes him. The detective and an officer pay him a visit. He’s asked to go to the station. Skinner pulls Mulder and Scully. Cigarette smoking is there. Scully gives Mulder an alibi. Skinner advises him to take a break. He then tells him he’s forbidden to go near Tooms. Scully examines Tooms dental records. They recreate his teeth and it’s an exact match to the bite on the rib. At the home where Tooms is staying the doctor comes to visit and the older couple leave. He closes the door, starts growling and attacked the doctor. Mulder and Scully arrive on scene. They knock and no one answers. The door is open and they go in. They find the doctor dead without his liver. His old building has been torn down. A new one is there and they head over to try and find him. At the bottom of the elevator there is a hatch. Mulder goes down the hatch and tries to find Tooms. He finds the nest. Tooms tries to pull him in it but he escapes. Mulder manages to kick him and Scully pulls him out. Mulder flips over and turns on the escalator. Tooms is now very dead. Skinner reads the report in his office, and his skeptical. The Smoking Man believes it.

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