Numb3rs S01, Ep07 – Counterfeit Reality

Show: Numb3rs
Season: 1
Episode: 7
Title: Counterfeit Reality
Original Air Date: March 11, 2005

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Favorite Quotes:

* Charlie: You don’t really care about the equation.
Terry: Let’s just say we can’t fully appreciate it.

* Charlie: I’ve learned a lot from you actually.
Don: Thanks.

Synopsis: A store is robbed and also a grocery store. Don and Terry arrive on scene. Six stores were robbed and three were killed. He got called in because the LAPD Detective wants to see if Charlie’s new video enhancement software can help. He takes on the case and Charlie and Amita help. Don recognizes an expensive gun and expensive watch on one of the robbers. The detective gets a call and the robbers have struck again. This time a house. In the house, they find a lot a good all paid for with cash. Terry found two teenagers in videos at each location shopping. They are the dead bodies in the house. One of the dead boys moms is interviewed. He paid her back all the money he owed her in tens. Don and David check out where they worked. Don finds some strange stuff on the floor of the warehouse. He finds some powder. It’s ink for counterfeiting money. A Secret Service agent confirms its old school high-end counterfeiting ink and paper. The ring has been being investigated for over 5 years. Charlie brings some ideas to the case. The agent running the case gets pissed. Back at the house Charlie is comparing the new counterfeit bills to the old. Charlie posits that they have a new artist drawing the bills. Don expands the search to art forgers. A woman got abducted a few days ago. She’s a skilled artist. They are able to get a few samples of her work comparison. She is the one they are using to draw the newest counterfeits. At the office Don is worried they won’t be able to save this woman. They come up with several plans to track down the counterfeiters. Charlie is using a probability algorithm to figure out where to look for more bills. The agent tells Charlie about her and Don being together. Charlie covers well, but she is still hurt. David goes to visit one of the retired counterfeiters. They show him the ink. He calls it near perfect. He tells them to check out Marty Blanchard. Apparently, he ratted this gentleman out so he has no issue ratting him out. Charlie talks to Don about Kim. They got a hit on the bills at a bar. Don and Kim leave to interview him. When they arrive he tells them he only had 20s from an atm. They have surveillance on the guy. He did a job and got paid in counterfeit bills. David and Terry go to see the other counterfeiter. She quizzes David about Kim. He hints that Don and Kim were together. As the printer pulls up men in masks do a drive by shooting. Blanchard is killed. They bring in some suspects but no one is talking. Mr. Hughes has come in to check on his wife. He gives him his wife’s art back. Charlie stops and talks to him outside. Back at the house Amita has popped in to check on Charlie. He tells her about the hidden messages in her art for her husband. Amita suggest analysis at different angles. It cracks the code. But she placed a set of numbers in it. It’s the address of a warehouse. David and Terry arrest the first counterfeiter. He admits he taught his sons how do to the counterfeiting. He gives them info. Margo is being held on the rooftop level. The storm the warehouse and are able to rescue Margo. He calls Terry to notify her husband. They are happily reunited. Charlie goes to visit Don. He found his missing box. They have a brotherly bonding moment.

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