Ghost Mine S02, Ep10 – Passageway to the Unknown

Show: Ghost Mine
Season: 2
Episode: 10
Title: Passageway to the Unknown
Original Air Date: November 6, 2013

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Favorite Quotes:

* Eddie: What the hell did we wander into?

* Eddie: If we’ve got airflow behind us there might be something back here.

* Mikey: My feet are stained just like Rudolph’s nose, red.

* Dingus: There’s just something wrong with snow in the summertime.

* Stan: I don’t feel too comfortable in here. Let’s back out to the main incline.

* Stan: That’s a good vein right there. Pretty vein.

* Kristen: Did I lose you to the gold Stan?
Stan: Yeah

* Kristen: Who’s making that noise?
Stan: We’re coming in. You want to talk to us?

* Stan: I gotta admit, it rattled me.
Kristen: Me too.

* Patrick: This whole mountain could be basically a battery for paranormal activity.

* Eddie: I don’t know if he thinks the mines alive or what? But we’re running out of time.

Synopsis: Eddie is excited about the bulkhead because every place they found a bulkhead they found gold last season. They hear a growl. Before they can investigate further they have to shore up the rise. In Arizona Stan and Kristen are still investigating the Octave. Kristen does an EMF sweep of the area around the mine. She gets spikes even though there is no electricity. She then meets with the operations manager. The activity he describes is very much like what they are experiencing at the Crescent. She learns of a cemetery. Back at the mine Eddie and Patrick lead the guys in investigating the new tunnel and bulkhead. Dingus knocks it out. Behind it they find another tunnel. Eddie deems the new tunnel safe enough to enter and they discover the tunnel only goes a few feet. Eddie finds some good veins. Greybeard takes some samples to test. Patrick finds some airflow. They plan to start working that vein. Back in Arizona Kristen heads to the Weaver Cemetery. It’s a sad place. Caskets buried close to the top and covered in rocks. Each marked with a white cross, but none bear any names. Her EMF meter goes off. She does an EVP session. She fixes a cross to find it knocked over again. Now she tries to find out where the story of the blue devil came from. Back at the mine Dingus gets revenge on the pranksters by messing with their boots. In Arizona, Stan and the Octave mine owner have a meeting. Some of the assays are quite good. Stan informs them that Kristen and Patrick are part of the team and he’s fine with it. Before he decides, Stan wants a full paranormal investigation. Kristen and Stan will do it together. They start with photos and EMF readings. She sees a mist on one photo and it’s not on the other of the same spot. As they go further in the mine, Kirsten feels something on her leg. Stan doesn’t want them to go farther in one section as the stalls are breaking. Even Stan is worried. At the mine, snow has come early. They are forced to pack up their belongings and try to get down the mountain so they aren’t trapped. Stan decides to back out of the tunnel they are in because the activity was making him nervous. They go to see the drawings that looked demonic. They find some good veins. Then as they approach the drawings they both hear a sound like a breath. As they approach the EMF readings continue to rise. Kristen takes photos of the drawings. They do an EVP session. It sounds like rocks are falling. Stan and Kristen saw something big move through a hole. Both are more than happy to leave the mine at this point. Back up in the snow, the crew tries to get back up to the mine. But trying to go up the hill isn’t working. They nearly slip off the side of the mountain. They finally manage to get back up to the mine. Patrick shares some evidence from his microphone recorded from the quartz. It sounds like a vibration. Patrick voices concerns. Eddie makes the executive decision, they are getting the gold and going home with money, not broke. They blast the vein to get at the gold. Once it clears they head in to bar down and assess.

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