Numb3rs S01, Ep01 – The Pilot

Show: Numb3rs
Season: 1
Episode: 1
Title: Pilot
Original Air Date: January 23, 2005

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Favorite Quotes:

* Don: I’m just happy for the help. We could use it.

* Don: This is not about numbers.
Charlie: Everything is numbers.

* Charlie: It’s not about predicting the next site. It’s finding what the sites have in common. The point of origin.

* Terry: In trying to avoid a pattern he wound up with one?

* Larry: Let me guess. You tried to solve a problem involving human behavior and it blew up in your face?

Synopsis: Don heads to the scene and meets David for the first time. They find a dead body. She was reported missing two days ago. She has been marked. The same way as 12 other rape victims, but she is the first one murdered. The coroner gives him the details. They go back and visit victim 12. She does clue in on him smelling of cigarettes. Don and Terry come back to the office to find David bringing the director up to speed on the case. On a steep street Larry and Amita are outside with Charlie. He’s working out ways to figure out how to make things go faster. At the house Don stops over for a shower and fresh clothes. Charlie unrolls a map Don left on the table. He’s looking at it when Don comes back down. Don is pissed he looked at the map. Charlie looks at the sprinklers and insists on showing Don something. He explains that from the pattern of the drops he can use math to determine the location of the sprinkler. He can locate where the killer lives. Don gives Charlie the run down on how serial offenders work. The next day he fills Terry in on Charlie. David has some new information from the coroner, the dead body had black truffles on it. Don wants the murder victim’s last day reconstructed. Charlie is in his office working on the map problem. Amita pops into his office to remind him of something, but she is taken with the math he’s done. She grabs a post it and writes “do not erase” on it and puts it on the board. Charlie runs to catch up with Larry. Later, Charlie and Amita head to the FBI office to present to Don and his team. He’s narrowed down the criminal’s home base to a very small area, Silver Lake. David runs in, the murder victim’s car has been found. One agent found evidence that someone was lying in wait. Don notices that you can see Fountain St and a previous victim from the parking garage. The murder victim wound up being a target of opportunity. He’s still stalking a previous victim. They rush to the house and find her dead inside. Back at the office a new plan is formulated. Don goes to Charlie’s map. They head to the hot zone, photograph each of the men and collect DNA from discarded items. Back at the house, Alan is teasing Charlie and Amita about being a couple. But she informs them that she has an arranged marriage set up back home. However, she has no intention of going through with it. Alan basically calls him and his brother dense in regards to certain matters. Charlie goes to see Don about the map. Victim 12’s data doesn’t match. She lied about where she was attacked. Don and Terry go to her work. Turns out she was still friendly with an ex-boyfriend. He gives Charlie the new location. At the office all the DNA is back and all the men are cleared. Charlie calls in with an updated hot zone. However, those 20 guys have already been cleared. Charlie is upset because the math didn’t work. Amita tries to calm him but it doesn’t work. She leaves. At the FBI office Don gets pulled from the case. Charlie rides his bike to the arcade to find Larry. He advises him to make his equation less pretty and neat. Charlie and Don both go back their office and look over the case file again. In a parking lot a woman walks to her car. The attacker is waiting in her car. At the house, Don, Charlie an Alan wrack their minds. Don informs Charlie he’s been taken off the case. Alan points out there is something they are both having trouble putting their finger on. They were assuming his base was just his home, but it could also be his work place well. The new map Charlie generates has two small hot zones. The suspect should have a link to both areas. With the new data Don’s able to narrow down to one suspect. The team is on board. Don, David and Terry go to his work. Terry searches the perimeter while they talk to him. He finds the brand on the bottom of a knife handle. He takes David hostage Terry sees a body through a window and breaks in. The sound gives Don the opportunity to shoot him. Terry finds the woman is not dead and gets the bag of her head, saving her life. Charlie is driven to the scene. Don shows him a parking permit for Silver City, he had lived there and recently moved. Charlie also saw that a woman’s life was saved.

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