Ghost Mine S02, Ep04 – Wandering Spirit

Show: Ghost Mine
Season: 2
Episode: 4
Title: Wandering Spirit
Original Air Date: September 25, 2013

Patrick Doyle: Paranormal Investigator
Kristen Luman: Paranormal Investigator
Jamol Eli: Himself – Greenhorn
Jay Verburg: Himself – Greenhorn
Larry Overman: Himself – Mine Owner
Stacie Sisk-Overman: Herself – Mine Owner
Jared Anderson: Himself – Heavy Machinery Operator (Buckett)
Edward Griffith: Himself – Job Supervisor (Fast Eddie)
Stan Griffith: Himself – Mine Foreman (Papa Smurf)
Keith Leingang: Himself – Drill Operator (Dingus)
Alexys Overman: Herself – Mine Owners Daughter
Dick Secord Jr.: Himself – Sample Specialist (Greybeard)
Richard Secord Sr.: Himself – Explosives Expert (Duck)

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Favorite Quotes:

* Bucket: It’s not scaring us, we’re getting pissed.

* Kristen: It’s pretty obvious that someone or something is trying to get our attention.

* Stan: It’s a make it or break it situation right now.

* Kristen: I had no idea how brutally the Chinese were treated. It’s horrible.

* Stan: Vein pinched, we’re going to have to find something else.

* Patrick: There’s something here with us.

Synopsis: The situation in the western tunnel is not good. The gold is disappearing. They need to complete the bootleg. At the conclusion of the last episode while going over evidence there was a loud boom. We pick up with that investigation. It is believed to be the trespasser again. At nightfall, Kristen and Patrick prepare for an investigation. Debunking test one, Patrick throws a rock at the cook shack with Kristen in it. Each time she was able to see him running away. She takes a baseline reading and then starts an EVP session. They don’t get any hits at all. The miners have a campfire talk. They discuss the dogleg and Stan tries to keep the morale up. The next work continues. Kristen and Patrick head to Baker City to do more research. They head to the Geiser Grand Hotel and meet with Greg. They ask about the Chinese that were in the area. He informs them of a massacre of about three dozen Chinese. It took place in Hell’s Cavern. He tells them of a Chinese belief that if they were not buried in their home village their souls will wander. He goes on to tell them of a burner house. They would burn prayer papers in these houses. There is a Chinese cemetery in Baker City. Back at the mine, the low grade vein they were following is nearly tapped out. Mikey and Jay start arguing about who is fastest on the jackleg. Stan puts an end to it, he’ll set up a competition for them to see who is better. Kirsten and Patrick head to the cemetery. It contains a burn house. There is a sign that states where there is a depression the bodies were removed and sent back to China. All the bodies had been removed except for one. They do an EVP session and also take photos. They hear a strange sound that they can’t identify. Back at the mine work on the jackleg continues at a steady pace. Mikey and Bucket are seeing success. Bucket plays a practical joke on Mikey. Patrick and Greybeard check out the damage to RIPA. The wheels still work though. Kristen continues her investigation; she is headed to the Chinese walls. The sight of the walls is impressive. There are over 60 acres of hand stacked walls. Kristen can hear rocks falling even though she is not moving. She decides that she and Patrick will do an investigation there. Back at camp she tells Patrick about the walls. They schedule a follow up investigation. Greybeard continues to do assays; they realize the vein is tapped out. Now they have to find a new vein. Stan makes the decision to give the guys a few days off and bring in their families. Jamol’s family finally got to come and visit. Stan informs them the entertainment is going to be a jackleg contest between Jay and Mikey. Jay finishes in 5 minutes even. Mikey’s time is 4 minutes and 45 seconds. That evening the miners and family sit around a campfire. Jay’s son Ashton is interested in the paranormal. Work begins again and Mikey is mucking, but he’s having a lot of trouble with it. Stan and Eddie go back to check out the new dogleg. Patrick and Kristen go with them. Stan follows it back and it leads to a dead end. Eddie finds something. It’s a good quartz vein. They’re going to mine it. That night Patrick and Kristen head back to the Chinese walls. He is shocked. They begin an EVP session. When they start asking about the Crescent Mine they get some spikes. Then rocks start to fall. Patrick continues asking question and more rocks fall. They both climb a ridge and think they see something, but the camera just dies.

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