Family Matters S01, Ep10 – False Arrest

Show: Family Matters
Season: 1
Episode: 10
Title: False Arrest
Original Air Date: November 28, 1989

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Favorite Quotes:

* Harriett: Carl, you’re not Ivy League, you’re bowling league.

* Carl: Well, if I’m so dumb why are you the one wearing the cuffs?

* Carl: Mama’s right Rachel, we shouldn’t take pleasure in someone else’s misery. Anybody for a slow drive along the interstate?

Synopsis: Eddie is going to help Steve build some muscle. While assisting him doing bench presses the phone rings and Eddie lets go. He’s stuck under the bar. Mother Winslow and the kids are watching the Buddy Goodrich show. Carl comes home and no one wants to hear, they just want to watch the Buddy Goodrich show. Mother Winslow asks Carl to get seats to the Buddy Goodrich show coming to town. Next day Carlo goes to the theater to buy tickets. He asks a stage hand about the car in the handicap spot and is told its Buddy Goodrich’s car. Mr. Goodrich comes out of his dressing room and refuses to move the car. He also puts Carl down. Goodrich gets incensed. He refuses to move the car, he parked it there so after the show he can get out as fast as possible. He tries to boss Carl around and then assaults him. When he takes a swing at Carl, Carl arrests him. When Carl gets home the family is upset that Buddy Goodrich was arrested. He tries to tell them what happened and they ignore him. They are all upset at him. Carl tells them that he took a swing at him. Another day and Buddy Goodrich rings the doorbell. Everyone is a little dumbstruck. Buddy lays it on thick. He offers free tickets to his show. He requests a private conversation with Carl, so they go to the kitchen. But Buddy hands the tickets to Eddie as he heads there. Buddy wants Carl to drop the charges. The family is standing at the door listening. Carl still refuses. Buddy then tries to bribe him with a spot on his show and a fee. He refuses to take the bribe and tells Buddy to get out. He ups it the bribe. As he leaves the family opens the door to reveal they have all been listening the whole time. He leaves hastily and Eddie gives him the tickets back. Harriet slams the door on him. It’s weeks later and the trial is nearly over. Carl and Harriet come back happy. Goodrich was found guilty. His assistant broke and told the truth. He has to pick up trash on the interstate.

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