The Golden Girls S01, Ep07 – The Competition

Show: The Golden Girls
Season: 1
Episode: 7
Title: The Competition
Original Air Date: November 2, 1985

Guest Stars:
Ralph Manza: Augustine Bagatelli

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Favorite Quotes:

* Rose: Oh Sophia that smells heavenly. Is it Chef Boyardee?
Sophia: Stick it in my heart Rose, it will hurt less.

* Sophia: If this sauce was a person I’d get naked and make love to it.

* Blanche: Well what do you know? Sophia has a past.
Sophia: That’s right, but unlike yours I didn’t need penicillin to get through it.

* Rose: Italian men are so romantic.
Dorothy: It’s the tight pants.

* Rose: I admit it. I have a problem. I’m too competitive when it comes to athletics.

* Dorothy: Rose, get professional help.

* Blanche: Come on partner let’s go get even.
Dorothy: Oh please, Blanche I’m 55 and Rose has 6 brothers.

* Blanche: You are wearing my bowling outfit.
Rose: Oh, I do believe you are right. Oh don’t worry about it honey, no one will notice. It looks so different on a woman with a full bosom.

* Blanche: Don’t you throw your bosom in my face!

* Dorothy: No one calls her Ma except me. You got that? Have I made myself clear?

* Dorothy: If you don’t feel like bowling you don’t have to. Just hold onto the ball and I’ll throw you down the lane.

Synopsis: Sophia is cooking and singing in the kitchen. She’s making spaghetti sauce. Both Dorothy and Rose come into the kitchen to rave over how good the sauce smell. Blanche enters and shows off her new bowling ball. She tells them about the bowling tournament. Blanche plays for fun, but Rose wants to win. Dorothy thinks about joining the tournament. Sophia says she had a 180 average. Dorothy asks Sophia to team up with her for the bowling tournament. Sophia declines as a boy from her village, who she was engaged to, Augustine Bagatelli. Sophia lost contact with him after the war. It’s the day of Augustine’s arrive. Sophia is dressed like a widow in morning, she wants him to know she’s available. He arrives and Dorothy excuses herself. They discuss their deceased spouses. They go for a walk. Dorothy asks Rose who her teammate is for bowling. Before she answer Blanche walks in upset that Rose dumped her as a partner and now Rose and Dorothy are partners. Dorothy is also upset. Dorothy doesn’t want to be her partner. But Rose announces she has partnered with one of the twins. Rose is not happy. Dorothy finally relents and agrees to be Rose’s partner. Out on the lanai Dorothy is working on plants. Sophia comes in. She’s having a fun time with Augustine. Sophia tells Dorothy that Augustine wants her to go a festival in Sicily with him. Dorothy protests. Sophia asks to borrow the $1200 for airfare and Dorothy says no. Sophia spills the beans that Rose is now dumping Dorothy as her bowling partner. She is going to partner with the other twin. Blanche storms back out to the lanai and announces the twins have teamed back up again. Dorothy dumps Rose as her partner and teams up with Blanche. Sophia volunteers to be Rose’s partner. Dorothy and Blanche are getting in extra practice and Blanche is not happy. Dorothy spurs her on by reminding her Rose dumped her. As they leave for practice Sophia and Rose come back. Sophia challenges Dorothy to a side bet. If Sophia and Rose win Sophia gets the airfare for Sicily. If Dorothy and Blanche win Dorothy gets the antique earrings she loves. It’s the day of the tournament. The girls are bowling against each other on Lane 7. Sophia and Rose copied Blanche’s bowling shirt, and she is incensed. Blanche confronts Rose, but just gets her bosom insulted. Rose refers to Sophia as Ma and riles Dorothy as well. Sophia bowls, and the ball goes down the lane at a snails pace, she gets a strike. As the tournament continues Rose gets upset because she missed three pins. Sophia informs her they have a chance to win the tournament. Rose informs Dorothy that Blanche always chokes in the last frame. As Blanche prepares to bowl, she has a meltdown. Dorothy does not tolerate it. She threatens to throw Blanche and her ball down the lane. Blanche gutter balls. Rose ticks Blanche off again and she gets 2 pins in the second half of the frame. As Dorothy prepares to bowl her final frame Augustine shows up. Dorothy thought she had a strike but left the 9 pin. They share a memory, their first kiss. Dorothy misses the spare and Rose and Sophia win the tournament. Sophia gets to go to Sicily with Dorothy’s blessing. Back at the house Sophia has returned from Sicily. She tells of going to see her friend, who died that morning. Sophia had a great time. She gives Dorothy the antique earrings. She knows Dorothy blew the spare on purpose. Rose comes in but no one is talking to her. She tells them she had all their names engraved on the trophy. However, Rose’s name is three times bigger on the trophy.

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