The Golden Girls S01, Ep05 – The Triangle

Show: The Golden Girls
Season: 1
Episode: 5
Title: The Triangle
Original Air Date: October 19, 1985

Guest Stars:
Peter Hansen: Dr. Elliot Clayton

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Favorite Quotes:

* Sophia: I’m an old white woman, I’m not supposed to have color.

* Blanche: But we’re meant for each other. I’m a woman, he’s a man.
Dorothy: And what am I? Little Richard?

* Blanche: Pardon my strong language, but you sir are no gentleman.

* Sophia: I can’t believe it. My daughter is finally dating a doctor and he turns out to be a scuz-bucket.

* Elliot: Is something wrong with your leg?
Rose: Nothing you can’t fix, doctor man.

* Sophia: You can’t pick men and you can’t pick pizza!!

Synopsis: Dorothy stops Sophia from leaving, Dr. Clayton is coming to see her. Blanche comes in excited as she just came from a dress sale. The doorbell rings, Dr. Clayton has arrived. She is clearly taken with him as she introduces. He talks with Dorothy instead of Sophia about her condition and gets upset. Dorothy starts flirting with him. She volunteers to show him around Miami. He then invites her for dinner. Blanche comes back in her new dress and makes a pass at the doctor. Dorothy cuts her off and informs her that she’s already got a date with him. The doctor learns that she only takes her medications when she remembers and that seems to be the problem. Dorothy is getting ready for another date with Elliot when Blanche insults her. Rose goes with her to help her pick out an outfit. The doorbell rings and it’s Elliot. Blanche offers to make him a drink and he makes a pass at her. But she pushes him off and even punches him. Dorothy comes back out and she and Elliot leave. Rose has an odd feeling about Elliot and Blanche agrees with her. She tells Rose that Elliot made a pass at her. Rose wants her to tell Dorothy, but Blanche says no and tells Rose a story that confuses her. Dorothy returns home and Blanche tells her about Elliot making a pass at her. However, Dorothy does not believe her and calls her a liar. She believes Blanche is acting out of jealously. She calls her a slut and Blanche storms out. The next morning in the kitchen Blanche goes after Rose and no one is speaking to each other. Sophia is upset that Elliot made a pass at Blanche. Dorothy comes in their fight continues. Rose tries to get them to work it out, but it just gets worse. Dorothy takes Rose’s advice and confronts Elliot, but he denies it. Dorothy has very terse words for Blanche. She tells Dorothy she’s not a liar and kicks her out of the house. Rose is left speechless. Later that night neither Sophia or Rose can sleep. Sophia tells a “Picture It” story. Rose decides she has to do something about the situation. As Dorothy prepares for another date with Elliot she can’t find her golf gloves. She borrows a pair from Rose. While Dorothy is out of the room Rose puts the moves on Elliot. He deflects her passes and she brings up Blanche. He finally admits to her that he did make a pass at Blanche. Dorothy was standing behind him and heard it all. She calls him a liar and dumps him. Dorothy goes to Blanche’s room and apologizes about Elliot. Blanche forgives her. As they hug Rose comes in and it becomes a group hug. Sophia comes in with pizzas to taste. They all pick Mama Celeste’s pizza. Furious, Sophia yells at them and leaves.

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