Hot in Cleveland S03, Ep12 – Lost Loves

Season: 3
Episode: 12
Title: Lost Loves
Original Air Date: February 15, 2012

Guest Stars:
Carl Reiner: Max
Steven Weber: K.C.
Curtis Armstrong: Clark
Dan Gauthier: Nick
Greg Berger: Barry the Parrot (the voice)
Megan Grano: Alison
Zach Lewis: Groom
Kate McDaniel: Bride

Synopsis: It’s Valentine’s Day and the ladies decide not to go out. Instead Melanie comes up with the idea of finding lost loves. Hers is Nick Costas. She friends him on line and they meet up. However, he’s married with three kids and a fourth on the way. His wife goes into labor and Melanie becomes the babysitter. Joy’s lost love is Kyle, the man who left her at the alter. She friends him as well. She writes an email but hasn’t the guts to send it. However, Elka does after she leaves the room. Victoria finds her first ex-husband Clark. When he surprises her by showing up he’s a shadow of the man he use to be. Back at the hotel where Melanie is babysitting a good looking man brings back one of the boys. They talk and flirt. Joy and Elka get trapped in an elavator on the way to the roof to meet Kyle. Max, a bride and groom are also trapped with them. Max and Elka get back together. By the time the elevator is moving, Kyle is nowhere to be found on the roof. Back at the house Barry is left with Elka. Joy decides to unfriend Kyle. However, he posts a photo of himself now. He’s the guy that Melanie is making out with while babysitting.

Click on either link to grab the third season of the show, it’s a great way to support the ladies and have some serious laughs.

Amazon Hot in Cleveland: Season 3

iTunes Hot in Cleveland, Season 3 – Hot in Cleveland

Favorite Quotes:

* Elka: Sweats, pizza and wine. It’s like the cover of Giving Up Magazine.

* Melanie: It doesn’t say. His status is “road trippin’ with the boys”. I’m gonna friend him.
Joy: On Valentine’s Day? That seems a bit desperate.
Elka: Even to Joy.

* Victoria: But what about the muscles and the cheek bones and and the muscles?
Clark: There were, uh various tropical fevers and the apes who I lived with used me like a throw toy. Plus my gym membership ran out.

* Bride: How long have you two been married?
Elka: Um Well Uh
Joy: All right, I’ll answer. They’re not married. They were engaged, then they weren’t. Then she interrupted his wedding. Then he interrupted her wedding. But she chose her dead husband. But now she’s sorry because she misses her Max.


Victoria: Joy, Melanie, happy Valentine’s Day.
Melanie: Thank you, Victoria. And there’s one for each of you.
Joy: And from me.
All: Aww.
Victoria: That was sweet.
BOTH: Aww.
Victoria: Okay, that’s done. Let’s drink.
Elka: Sweats, pizza and wine. It’s like the cover of Giving Up magazine.
Joy: It’s not giving up. We chose not to go out on Valentine’s Day.
Elka: Oh, I’m sorry. Denial magazine.
Melanie: Elka, you look very nice. So who’s the lucky man tonight?
Elka: Oh, Gerald. Or Harold or something. I keep thinking about last Valentine’s Day.
Melanie: When you were with Max?
Elka: Yes. Oh, I love Fred and Roy and–and Bobby. And I–you know, I like Jack and–and Lester and Ernie. Oh, but there’s just nobody like my Max.
Melanie: Yeah, I get it, Valentine’s Day can make you very nostalgic. That’s why I’m wearing my old swim parka from high school.
Elka: You were on a swim team? I thought you had a scoliosis brace.
Melanie: Well, yeah, but I was team equipment manager. You know, I would hand out the towels and shave the Greek kids’ backs. On the plus side, I was voted “hottest girl in a back brace.” Until that perky cheerleader fell off the pyramid.
Victoria: I’m sorry, what part of this makes you nostalgic?
Melanie: Oh, our top swimmer, Nick Costas. I had the biggest crush on him. I stole this jacket from him. I used to flirt with him until my glasses would fog up and sweat would drip down and sting my jaw line acne. I wonder what he looks like now. I’m gonna Facebook him.
Elka: Oh, I’m boycotting Facebook. I don’t like the new design. Couldn’t let it alone could you, Zuckerberg?
Melanie: Oh, there he is. Oh, my goodness, he’s still so cute.
Victoria: Is he married?
Melanie: It doesn’t say. His status is “road trippin’ with the boys”. I’m gonna friend him.
Joy: On Valentine’s Day? That seems a bit desperate.
Elka: Even to Joy.
Melanie: Okay, okay, I’ll wait. [Chuckles] Hey, why don’t we all track down lost loves?
Elka: Oh, I’d love to contact Max. But he’s been real mad at me since I almost married Fred and ran away with Bobby.
Victoria: Well, I’m in. Ooh, I would love to know how my first ex-husband, Clark, is doing. He had it all–he was tall, gorgeous, brilliant. Feast your eyes. And he’s a renowned scientist.
Elka: Why did he dump you? I’m assuming.
Victoria: I dumped him. No, I–I mean he didn’t take my acting seriously and he always had all these strange creatures in the house. Now he was especially devoted to this hateful parrot who always used to talk about me behind my back.
Joy: Parrots can’t make things up. They just repeat what you say.
Elka: Yeah.
Victoria: Well, now you sound just like Clark.
Melanie: So, Joy, who you gonna look up? Oh, sorry.
Joy: Oh, that’s okay. Obviously my lost love is my runaway groom, Kyle. But, I really think that’s best left dead and buried right?
Melanie: Yes, of course.
Joy: But, maybe if he told me why he left me at the altar, I could finally get closure. But what if he’s not sorry? That would kill me.
Melanie: Yes, it would.
Joy: But what if he is sorry and he feels the same spark when he sees me? Things get back on track and before you know it we’re married and living in Provence. Oh, fine, get off my back, Melanie! I’ll do it.
Victoria: So we are finally gonna see what Kyle looks like. See, she cut him out of all her photos.
Joy: I can’t look.
Melanie: It’s a dog.
Joy: What?
Melanie: I–it’s a picture of his dog.
Elka: That means he’s a fattie.

Melanie: Morning! Nick Costas friended me back. And now we’re flirting online like a couple of middle-aged teenagers. Oh, boy, that didn’t sound sexy.
Victoria: No.
Melanie: But this does. “Hey, Nick. “‘Memba me, Melanie Moretti? Long time, no swim. ” Good, huh? And get this, he is “road trippin’ with the boys” through Ohio, and he told me that I looked, in all caps, “amazing” on my Facebook photo.
Victoria: Everything he wrote is in caps.
Melanie: Including “amazing.”
Joy: Girls, I have a confession to make. I was up all night, reading about Kyle online.
Melanie: What did you find out?
Joy: He’s single. He’s in Minneapolis today for business and he just had a cappuccino with two extra shots on Hennepin Avenue.
Victoria: Oh, so he’s one of those guys who posts ever little thing he does on his wall.
Joy: No, I hacked into his email, his car’s GPS, and his credit card accounts. Turns out I’m pretty good at this.
[Doorbell rings]
Victoria: Oh, I’ll get it. Work off all that breakfast I didn’t eat.

Clark: My God, Victoria, you’re gorgeous.
Victoria: Oh, thank you. Who are you?
Clark: I’m Clark, your ex-husband. I got your email. Thought I’d surprise you.
Victoria: You’re not Clark. Clark is strapping and tall.
Clark: Oh, my loss of height was due to the calcium-leeching disease I contracted from the calcium leeches in the Amazon.
Victoria: But what about the muscles and the cheek bones and and the muscles?
Clark: There were, uh various tropical fevers and the apes who I lived with used me like a throw toy. Plus my gym membership ran out.
Victoria: Oh, Joy, Melanie, I want you to meet my– my first ex-husband, Clark.
Joy: You’re Clark?
Clark: Yes.
Victoria: He ordered something on Amazon that made him small.
Clark: Clearly, I am, um, not what you expected. I think maybe surprising you was a mistake. Uh, I won’t stay.
Victoria: No, no, no, of course you’ll stay. I–I insist. Uh, where’s your luggage?
Clark: It’s right out here with Barry.
Victoria: Barry? Oh that horrible parrot is still alive?
Barry: Hello. Bitch.

Elka: I saw the light on.
Joy: Oh, Elka. I’ve written an email to Kyle that could break the silence between us. But I–I just can’t seem to press send.
Elka: Oh, when you’re ready, you’ll know it.
Joy: Thanks. I’ll wait till it feels right. Good night.
Elka: Good night. Feels right to me.

Victoria: I just don’t know what to do. I mean, last night, Clark kept telling me how he’s still attracted to me and I–I don’t wanna hurt him.
Melanie: Victoria, it’s not like Clark is some sort of troll. He’s just not the huge, strapping man that you remember. He’s still brilliant.
Victoria: Yeah, well, he seemed a lot more brilliant when he could lift me with one arm.
Joy: Kyle used to pick me up and throw me on the bed. I’ve gotta stop thinking about him. Or at least picture him as some hideous elephant man. How pathetic am I that the elephant man left me at the altar.
Victoria: I know. I’ll just lie to Clark and tell him I got some part in a movie. I’ll pretend to fly to Hollywood, and then he’ll leave and take this annoying, unlovable monster with him.
Barry: [Bleep] You.
Clark: Barry, are you okay?
Joy: Okay, good luck with all of that.
Barry: I’d hit that.
Joy: Thanks.
Melanie: How do you know he wasn’t talking to me?
Victoria: Oh, oh, Clark, there you are. Um, there’s something that I need to tell you.
Barry: Clark’s a troll.
Clark: What? You said I was a troll?
Victoria: No, of course not.
Clark: Well he doesn’t just make these things up. What else have you been saying about me?
Barry: Hideous elephant man.
Victoria: Joy said that.
Clark: What?!
Victoria: But not about you. Look, um, I–I just found out that I got a part in a movie.
Barry: Lie to Clark about a movie.
Victoria: Barry!
Clark: Wow, even back in our worst days you never lied to me. I’m sorry I’m such a disappointment to you, Victoria.
Barry: I’d hit that.
Clark: Thank you, Barry.

Melanie: Joy, Nick’s coming to Cleveland tonight. He wants me to meet him in his hotel room.
Joy: Congratulations.
Elka: You have a date tonight too, Joy.
Joy: No, I don’t.
Elka: Uh After you went to sleep, I, uh, pretended I was you, and IMed Kyle.
Joy: What? Why would you do that?
Elka: Because I knew you secretly wanted me to. And I’d had a few.
Joy: What did you say?
Elka: A lot of back and forth. It got hot for a while, and then it cooled down, and then it got hot again.
Joy: “I’ll meet you at the top of the terminal tower tonight wearing nothing but me rain coat.” I am not showing up wearing only a rain coat.
Elka: Why not? Guys love that “naked under a coat” thing.
Melanie: Guys do, don’t they?

Melanie: Hi, Nick.
Nick: Hey, Melanie.
Melanie: Are you ready to see all the sights?
Allison: We sure are!
Melanie: Hi.
Allison: Hi. I’m Alison. Pregnant, not fat.
Melanie: [Laughs] Well, congratulations.
Allison: Thank you.
Melanie: I’m Melanie Moretti. I thought you were road trippin’ with the boys.
Nick: Oh, we are, yeah. Boys, come in here.
Melanie: [Laughs nervously] The boys are so adorable.
Nick: Here, let me take your coat–
Melanie: Oh, God no! I mean No, thank you, that’s

Joy: Oh, God, I’m a nervous wreck. Once we get to the roof, you have to be honest and tell Kyle you wrote those messages. Then you have to lie and tell him that I’m happily in love with a South African pro golfer.
Elka: Okay.
Joy: A male, South African pro golfer.
Elka: Oh, you’re no fun.
Max: Hold the elevator!
Elka: Max!
Max: Elka. Were you coming here to see me?
Elka: No. I forgot your office was even in this building.
Max: Oh, I see. So why are you dressed so provocatively? You know that’s my favorite track suit.
Elka: Oh well, I’m only here to meet the guy who dumped Joy on her wedding day.
Joy: He didn’t ask.
Max: [Chuckles] What a coincidence. You dumped me on your wedding day, Elka.
Joy: Clearly weddings are a sore subject. No more talk about weddings.
Max: Agreed.
Elka: Agreed.
Groom: Hold the door.
Bride: Hi. We just got married.
Groom: Oh, great, somebody already pressed roof.
Bride: Oh That’s where he proposed. We’re going up to have a glass of champagne before we go to the hotel.
[elevator stops]
Joy: Now what?
Max: Relax, this happens all the time. Uh That’s new though.

Nick: I can’t believe you still have one of our old swim parkas.
Allison: Are you sure I can’t take it? You’re sweating.
Melanie: Oh, yeah. I like to sweat.
Nick: I remember that. She’s Melanie Moretti. We called her Melanie more-sweaty. [Chuckles]
Melanie: I did not know that.
Allison: I’ll go get the kids ready.
Nick: Okay.
Allison: Oh, oh, no! Nick, the baby’s coming.
Nick: Honey, are you sure?
Allison: Yes, we need to get to a hospital.
Nick: Uh, but who’s gonna watch the kids?
Melanie: Sure, sure, no sweaty.

Joy: There’s no cell reception so all I need you to do is walk up to the 36th floor to the observation deck and let him know I’m trapped in this elevator. What do you mean, “no”? Well, you’re from Cleveland. I’m sure you could use the exercise. Hello? Hello? [Sighs] They still have no idea how long it’s gonna take to fix it. Maybe we should open that bottle of champagne to pass the time.
Groom: As we discussed, ma’am, it’s for our wedding night.
Bride: If there is a wedding night.
Groom: I’m shipping out tonight. Last-minute deployment.
Bride: You were right. We should have gone straight to the hotel.
Elka: It’ll be fine, sweetheart. But a little married advice. Never say, “you were right.”
Max: It does sound weird.
Bride: How long have you two been married?
Elka: Um Well Uh
Joy: All right, I’ll answer. They’re not married. They were engaged, then they weren’t. Then she interrupted his wedding. Then he interrupted her wedding. But she chose her dead husband. But now she’s sorry because she misses her Max.
Elka: Joy!
Max: Is that true, Elka?
Elka: Well, I-it’s not not true. Actually, I chose this building because I was hoping I’d run into you.
Bride: Aww.
Joy: This calls for a celebration. How about we open that champagne?

Melanie: Please, stop fighting. Please, stop fighting. Oh, fine, go ahead and fight.
[Knocks at door]
K.C.: Excuse me? Is this one of yours? Found him eating French fries off the room service tray and he wouldn’t share.
Melanie: Uh, he could be one of mine. I started with three. I–I better take him just in case.
K.C.: There he goes. Well, uh, you look like you could use a hand.
Melanie: Oh, I really could, thank you.
K.C.: Oh, no, not me. I don’t know what to do either. It’s just an observation. Although, we could do what my parents did when my brother and I went at it. Uh, have a drink and ignore it.
Melanie: Well, the mini bar is open.
K.C.: So is the bottom of your jacket. You might wanna think about putting something on.

Clark: I’ll just get Barry and we’ll be out of your way.
Victoria: Oh, please don’t leave like this. Just come and sit here for one minute and let me explain. I didn’t say those things that Barry said. He just picked random words to make me look bad.
Clark: Well, he always has hated you. Ever since you stole his mirror.
Victoria: I don’t know why he needs it. He always looks the same.
Clark: [Laughs] Victoria, you really haven’t changed. I wish I could say the same for myself.
Victoria: Oh, Clark.
Clark: And that’s the first time you’ve looked at me the way you used to.
Victoria: Come on, stay a little longer. We can talk about old times and I’ll make dinner. Whip up a pot of Clark’s delight.
Clark: Oh, Clark’s delight? Delicious. What was in that?
Victoria: Hamburger meat and sugar. I really was a lousy cook.
Clark: I didn’t notice. The sex was too good.
Victoria: Mmm.
Clark: And then I’d start talking about my work and your eyes would glaze over.
Victoria: Mmm. I’m sorry about that but it’s just that you kept on talking about those disgusting species of bugs that you were studying and it was bleh.
Clark: I know, I know, it’s true. However, I have discovered a Peruvian spider that might actually interest you.
Victoria: Mmm.
Clark: It generates a venom that fights diabetes.
Victoria: Oh, that’s nice.
Clark: You know, it has an intriguing side effect. It erases wrinkles from human skin.
Victoria: Go on.

K.C.: All right, I see your scoliosis brace and raise you a droopy eye and a corrective shoe.
Melanie: Wow. Okay, you win. You were a bigger geek than me.
K.C.: If I wasn’t president of the rocketry club, I never would have gotten laid in high school. I never got laid in high school.
Melanie: Well, you got me into your pants fast enough. By the way, thank you for this. And thank you for not asking why I was wearing a coat with nothing under it.
K.C.: Oh, men never need an explanation for that. So [Chuckles] Here’s to sharing a drink with the pretty babysitter once the kids are asleep. Man, was that ever a fantasy of mine in high school.
Melanie: Yeah, did it go something like this?

Joy: Kyle’s long gone by now. I don’t care if this elevator ever starts. Of course. Well, at least you two can start your honeymoon now.
Groom: No, there’s no time to get to the hotel. I gotta get straight to post. I’m sorry, sweetie.
Elka: Wait! Your office is on this floor.
Max: Good thinking. Soldier, go storm that beach.
Bride: What did he call me?
Joy: Beach, he said beach.
Elka: Oh, don’t you just love a happy ending. [Laughs] Oh

Elka: Oh, so, was Kyle on the roof?
Joy: Nope. And I don’t even know if he showed up. Thanks for waiting up for me.
Elka: Oh, I didn’t wait up for you. My new bird couldn’t sleep.
Joy: Your new bird?
Elka: “Off to Peru with Clark. Purchase no skin treatments until I return. Elka can take care of Barry.”
Barry: I love Elka. Poor Joy.
Elka: I, uh, I brought him up to speed.
Joy: I’m just gonna unfriend him and pretend it never happened. Oh his profile picture isn’t his dog any more. It’s him. And 25 years of buried emotions come rushing back.
Elka: Oh, Joy. The best thing to do is just forget it and move on.
Joy: You’re right.
Elka: Oh, no, I’m not. Oh, you can’t give up on that. He’s so handsome.

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