Mama’s Family S01, Ep04 – The Wedding part 2

Show: Mama’s Family
Season: 1
Episode: 4
Title: The Wedding, part 2
Original Air Date: February 12, 1983

Guest Stars:
Carol Burnett: Eunice Higgins
Harvey Korman: Ed Higgins
Betty White: Ellen Harper Jackson
Earl Boen: Reverend Lloyd Meechum
Dorothy Van: Aunt Effie Harper

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Favorite Quotes:

* Naomi: Here you go, Ms. Harper, here’s the bag. Had I known that you had an upright we could have been borrowing bags from each other right along.
Mama: Well who could ever have dreamed we had so much in common.

* Ed: Boy that is some machine. What did he have to give up for that?
Ellen: His secretary.

* Naomi: Today is the happiest day of my life. I’m marrying the man that I love and moving 1,000 miles away from his family. Not even you could rain on my parade today. So, if singing your solo means that much to you I say go for it, sweet cheeks.

* Mama (to Eunice): Either sing or get off the pot.

* Mama (to Eunice): Get a grip on yourself Eunice or I’ll kill you.

* Eunice (to Ed): Oh who pressed your button, you goon?

* Eunice: Here you give my daddy’s sapphire ring to Tinkerbelle over there and his recycled bride.

* Mama: Happy? My son just ran off to Arizona to be a cowboy with my new floozy-in-law. My loony daughter just turned a wedding into a demolition derby. Why the hell should I be happy?

* Mama: I knew it. I knew it. I knew it! Your entire life you’ve been taken in by crooks and losers and fast talking floozies. This time you managed to fall for all three rolled into one.

* Mama: Well, what can I do? Throw them out on the street?
Fran: It’s worth a try.

* Mama: Toots, the honeymoon is over.

Synopsis: Vint and Noami are excited about their wedding. Mama is not so happy, she doesn’t think the house is going to be ready and she is out of vacuum cleaner bags. Naomi volunteers to give her some. Mama gives Vint his father’s sapphire ring and instructs him not to show Eunice or let her know. Vint shows the ring to Naomi. Thelma starts vacuuming as Aunt Fran comes out with some food prepared. Buzz walks in with the flowers. Eunice comes in while Mama is vacuuming. Eunice brought chili dogs to the wedding. Vint comes down and greets her. Thelma tells Eunice to not mention Ellen’s husband to her. In the kitchen Naomi asks Ed if he’ll walk her down the aisle. Eunice corners Vint on the porch to ask him to let her sing, but he defers her to Naomi. Back in the house, Thelma wants help rearranging the furniture. Ellen arrives to the wedding quite happy. She and Bruce are getting along well. He got her a new car, a Cadillac, and gave up his secretary. Eunice is with Naomi upstairs getting ready. She tries to butter up Naomi to be a part of the wedding too. Naomi cuts her off. She gives a speech and then lets Eunice sing. But then she takes out the sapphire ring and Eunice goes from happy to hell bent on revenge. Downstairs the guests mingle. Thelma is looking for Eunice, who comes back in from the porch with a beer in her hand. Eunice confronts her about the ring and Thelma tries to keep her cool. Eunice and Thelma go to a full blown shouting match. The wedding begins. Naomi’s wearing a yellow, and very short, wedding dress. The vow reading seems to take an eternity. They are now married. Fran plays the beginning notes of Eunice’s song but she doesn’t respond so Mama prompts her to sing. Eunice sings, but there’s nothing enjoyable about it. She turns it into a wingding about the ring. It then snowballs into a full on rant about everyone. Ed tries to stop her but it just gets worse. Ed throws her over his shoulder and hauls her out. After the wedding Thelma is upset. Fran points out the house is quiet. Fran goes to put on a small pot of coffee. Vint, Naomi and the kids all come back in. They got ripped off about the trailer park. Mama say’s “I told you so.” Everyone is very upset. They have no choice but to stay with Mama. Mama sends Vint and Naomi to the basement.

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