Victoria Chase’s Original Lifetime Movies #07 The Princess and The Plumber – Hot in Cleveland

Victoria’s 7th Lifetime Original Movie is mentioned in Season 3, Episode 7, entitled Two Girls And A Rhino

Elka: So, you can’t date him because you’re a snob.
Victoria: No! Because he’s only a janitor. Wow. Even I didn’t like myself when I said that. But you know something? I am going to forget about what he does, and concentrate on who he is. I said that line in the Lifetime Original Movie, “The Princess and The Plumber”. I didn’t understand it, but now I do.

Buddy: Well, I’m glad to hear that, because my job is what I do, but my life is who I am.
Victoria: That’s exactly what the plumber said to me in The Princess and The Plumber. Although he turned out to be a secret prince. Are? Did?
Buddy: Not a prince. But I did go to Princeton.

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