The Golden Girls S01, Ep02 – Guess Who’s Coming To The Wedding?

Show: The Golden Girls
Season: 1
Episode: 2
Title: Guess Who’s Coming To The Wedding?
Original Air Date: September 21, 1985

Guest Stars:
Herb Edelman: Stanley Zbornack
Lisa Jane Persky: Kate
Dennis Drake: Dennis
Kurt Smildsin: The Priest

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Favorite Quotes:

* Kate: Mom don’t you think it would be just a little awkward with you and dad not talking?
Dorothy: Oh now just a minute. I’m not the one who ran off to Maui with someone half my age and twice my bra size.

* Dorothy: I just kept telling myself that once he is here he would be close enough to kill.

* Kate: Do you think dad will like him?
Dorothy: Of course, as long as he stays young and nubile.

* Stan: That’s me and Chrissy at a Luau.
Dorothy: Is she the one with the apple in her mouth?

* Sophia: He gives me the creeps. He’s been following me. They always follow the old people. It’s like parking tickets, they have a quota.

Synopsis: Dorothy is freaked out because Kate has not arrived yet. She’s especially nasty to all. Kate is bringing a man to meet Dorothy. All she knows about him is that he is a doctor. Blanche gets very excited. The doorbell rings and Kate has finally arrived, but no doctor in tow. Kate announces that she and Dennis are going to the Bahamas to get married. Dorothy is happy, until she realizes it won’t be there. Sophia is excited she wants to go to the Bahamas. Dorothy tells Kate that she has dreamed of giving her a wedding. Blanche offers to let her use the house. Dorothy does not want Stan there, but Kate does. Dorothy backs off and says he can come. However, how she does it, Kate thinks it’s a bad idea. Kate calls Stan and then Dorothy speaks to him and invites him to the wedding. Dorothy isn’t happy that Stan is coming. Blanche comes in to check the status of the wedding elves. Rose pops in and asks to speak to Blanche and Dorothy, apparently Sophia has been eating all the cheese balls. The doorbell rings and its Kate and Dennis. Dorothy introduces Dennis to all. They learn Dennis is a podiatrist and aren’t too thrilled. Dennis professes his love for Kate. It’s the day of the wedding and the doorbell rings. It’s Stan. Dorothy slams the door in his face, and then makes fun of his toupee. She introduces Stan to the girls. Kate comes out in her wedding dress. Stan thanks Dorothy for letting him come. She starts growling. Kate and Stan take Sophia with them to the church. Rose and Blanche try to calm Dorothy down. She decides she’s not going. Rose and Blanche try to reassure her. Blanche calls her out and makes her go. They leave for the wedding. Back at the house, everyone is enjoying the reception. Dorothy is telling childhood stories about Kate. Stan invites Kate and Dennis to come to their house in Maui. Rose stands guard over the cheese balls instead of Dorothy. Blanche has Stan get some champagne. She pulls Dorothy away to talk and calm her down. She lets her in on a trick she used. Dorothy employs it and squeezes Blanche’s hand so hard that Blanche winds up on her knees. Dorothy has the knife to cut the cake but Rose thinks it’s to stab Stan and pulls her into the kitchen. Dorothy tells her she would wait till after the wedding as there are too many witnesses. Dorothy is hiding in her room and Sophia comes to get her. Sophia talks to her and tell her she’s being a jerk. She tells her to talk to him, and gives her a story. Dorothy feels better. They all throw rice at Kate and Dennis as they leave. Stan says his goodbyes, but Dorothy requests a conversation on the lanai. She rips off his toupee and tells him off. Once she kicks him out the girls run out to the lanai to make sure she is ok. She says she is. However, he left his toupee.

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