The Golden Girls S04,Ep09 – Scared Straight

TV Show: The Golden Girls

Title: Scared Straight

Season 4 episode 09

Original Air Date: December 10, 1998

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Favorite Quotes:

* Sophia: I got three days to live.
Dorothy: Fine, Ma. I’ll scratch Bengay off the grocery list.
* Rose: We better put out the welcome mat.
Blanche: We don’t have a welcome mat.
Rose: What about the one Dorothy says is at the foot of your bed?
* Blanche: My God, Clayton, you are me.


Sophia is upset because she had a dream that has made her think she is going to die. Dorothy tells her she is not dying. Sophia tells Dorothy the details of her dream. Later, Blanche is all dolled up because her brother is coming to visit. Blanche reminds them not to mention his marriage breaking up. Clayton arrives and they have quite the greeting. Meanwhile, Sophia continues with her thoughts about dying on Saturday and decides to give some of her things away. Blanche is trying to play matchmaker for her brother. Blanche tries to teach Dorothy an ice breaker with men. Sophia and Dorothy both get annoyed. That night Rose runs into Clayton in the park. Rose and Clayton talk. He tells her Blanche is very wrong about his type. Rose realizes that Clayton is gay. He admits he is having trouble telling Blanche the truth. Dorothy, Sophia and Blanche are all still up at the house. Blanche wants to make sure Clayton had a good date. Instead of telling Blanche the truth he tells her he slept with Rose. Everyone believes it too. Clayton joins them in the kitchen. Sophia asks him a few questions. She then announces he is gay. Dororthy is shocked she figured that out. Turns out he knows all the words to a song called “Send in the Clowns.” And sang it in the shower. Clayton finally apologies to Rose for all the trouble. Clayton finally tells Blanche the truth. Clayton storms out. Blanche heads out to find him. She finds him and they talk. She realizes they are much more alike than she ever thought. She finally accepts him. They all go out to dinner on Saturday to celebrate. It’s almost 9pm on Saturday now and Sophia is expecting to die any minute. At 9 exactly the doorbell rings. Dorothy freaks out. She has Rose check. All she sees is a fedora. Sophia opens the door and it’s Mildred. It’s bowling night and there is room for Sophia. Then Blanche apologizes to Rose.

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