The Golden Girls S03, Ep09 – A Visit From Little Sven

Show: The Golden Girls

Season: 3 Episode: 9

Title: A Visit from Little Sven

Original Air Date: November 21, 1987

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Favorite Quotes:

* Dorothy: Ma, you’re 81 years old. Your eye sight is weaker and your reflexes are slower.
Sophia: And who are you, Magic Johnson?

* Blanche: That reminds me, I need to give Charlie Milburn a call.
Dorothy: If this cake reminds you of Charlie Milburn we could both give him a call.

* Rose: There aren’t Blanche. There’s Big Sven and Big Sven 2, like Jaws and Jaws 2.

*Blanche: You know I never thought I’d say this but I think Rose got the brains in that family.

* Blanche: Maybe you’re right. An active day out on the town with a handsome young man might take my mind completely off what’s his name.

* Blanche: Dorothy, why is your lipstick all smeared?
Dorothy: I just kissed our driveway.

* Rose: Sure Sophia. How about this? I teach you how to drive and you teach me how to be a great Italian cook?
Sophia: Everybody’s a comedian today.

* Rose: I’m in charge of Sven for one day and he falls for the first little floozy that turns his head.

* Dorothy: Big deal. More people get to kiss you than the Pope’s ring.

* Blanche: I was only blessed with one talent, turning men on. I’ve just never known how to turn them off.

* Rose: Did you have an angry Viking yelling Scandinavian swear words at you on the phone this morning?

* Sophia: If you could never make her happy good luck with the lean mean Swedish machine.


Sophia tells Dorothy she wants a drivers license. She got in a fight with Gladys at the center. When she showed her expired license, it made her feel old. She wants to learn again. Dorothy finally agrees. Blanche comes in upset. Her current boyfriend cancelled their date. Rose comes in with a cake asking if her cousin arrived yet. Rose brings home a cake that she thought was in the shape of Florida, but it’s not Florida. Dorothy asks how long Sven is staying with them. Just a few days. He’s getting married and it’s an arranged marriage. Rose then gives them the family tree. Dorothy finds arranged marriages to be unsettling. Blanche misunderstood too. The doorbell breaks it up. It’s Sven. After introductions Sven admits he’s nervous. Blanche makes a comment and Sven leaves. Rose chases after. Blanche then comments that Rose got the brains in her family. Another day in the kitchen and Sophia wants a driving lesson. Dorothy insists she learns the manual first. Rose and Sven come back from the store. Blanche comes in the kitchen. Dorothy informs her Floyd cancelled again. Blanche storms out upset. The phone rings and Rose gets called in to work. Dorothy suggests that Blanche take Sven sightseeing. At lunch, Sven offers to pay for lunch after the tour of shoe stores. Floyd walks in with a younger woman. Blanche decides to make Floyd jealous by kissing Sven. Later that day, Dorothy and Sophia return and Dorothy is furious. Sophia did not do well at driving and a mailbox got killed. Rose comes back. Sophia asks Rose to teach her to drive. She agrees if Sophia will teach her how to cook Italian. Sophia storms off. Sven comes out and tells Rose he is not going to get married. He announces he is in love with Blanche. Everyone is shocked and horrified. Dorothy wants to know what happened. Blanche explains the kiss was pretend to make Floyd jealous. She assumed Sven knew that. He did not. Blanche has to fix it. Blanche tells a story back from high school. Then Dorothy tells a story about a guy she was dating that her parents hated. When she made arrangements to break up with him she caught him necking with a waitress. It was Stan, she married him instead of breaking up with him. Blanche goes to talk with Sven. He gives her all kinds of reasons that make Blanche feel worse not better. He admits he knew why she kissed him. He had hoped she was tired of being with guys that don’t appreciate her and that she might give him a chance. He cheers her up. She tells him she will think about it. Another day and Sophia comes in with a drivers license. Dorothy is furious. Sophia says its just to have not to use. But she needs $50 to pay for it. Rose joins them very upset. Rose tells them she called Big Sven about what is going on. He plans to fix it. Blanche tells Rose she is going to fix it. The doorbell rings. It’s a beautiful woman at the door. She introduces herself as Olga. All Sven can say is wow. Sven then tries to let Blanche down easy. He then leaves with Olga. Rose is overjoyed. Blanche is upset. The phone rings and it’s Floyd. She’s got a date.

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