The Golden Girls S03, Ep01 – Old Friends

Show: The Golden Girls

Season: 3 Episode: 1

Title: Old Friends

Original Air Date: September 19, 1987

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Favorite Quotes:

* Blanche: That particular design does tend to accentuate your behind while simultaneously diminishing your cleavage.

* Dorothy: I’m off to the rummage sale. Would you like a ride?
Sophia: No, I want to do cartwheels for six miles. Get your keys, let’s roll.

* Sophia: Someone sitting here?
Alvin: Cataracts or glaucoma?

* Sophia: Well, you’re doing a great job Alvin Newcastle. Nobody’s stolen the boardwalk since you’ve been sitting here.

* Dorothy: Rose, this has got to stop. Now you have been carrying on for a week. It was only a toy animal.

* Rose: I’m sorry. I know I’m behaving like a fool. But I got a right to sing the blues.

* Rose: Alvin from the boardwalk?
Sophia: No, Alvin from the chipmunks.

* Rose: Thanks for trying Blanche. It’s nice to have a friend like you, who cares.

* Blanche: She’s not a sweet kid anymore. She’s holding Fernando for ransom.
Dorothy: Come on.
Blanche: She sent me one of his ears.

* Blanche: That’s all it was, just a silly mistake.
Daisy: In Sunshine Cadets we learn you have to pay for your mistakes. This one is going to cost you a ten-speed Schwinn.

* Blanche: Rose, don’t move honey. She’s got the teddy bear and a water pistol.

* Blanche: Fernando doesn’t belong to you anymore. I kind of gave him to Daisy by mistake.
Rose: Get him back! I want my teddy!

* Rose: If after all the years of love and companionship Fernando and I are meant to part company. Time to time life deals you an unfriendly hand. But there is a lesson to be learned here. Sometimes life just isn’t fair kiddo.

* Sophia: Oh, Dorothy, I’m glad you’re home. You got a minute? Crochet me a scarf.

* Sophia: A few months, huh? That should give me enough time to finish the scarf.


The girls are going through their stuff to donate items to the rummage sale. Dorothy decides to get rid of an outfit. Blanche tells her its the nicest outfit she has but that she looks horrible in it. A Sunshine Cadet named Daisy is helping them. Sophia heads out to the boardwalk. Daisy comes out of Rose’s room with her donations. There’s a teddy bear on top. She makes over it and Blanche gives it to Daisy. Rose comes in holding a box, so she doesn’t see Daisy leave with her teddy bear. Blanche comments about the community service that the girls do. Rose rushes out into the living room looking for her teddy bear, Fernando. It’s the teddy bear that Blanche just gave to Daisy. Blanche leaves, looking guilty, to try and get it back. Sophia arrives at the pier. She asks a gentleman if she can sit on the bench with him. They have a little fight. They then discuss their eye surgeries. They exchange names. Then have another little fight over his job. Then she offers him some of her lunch. The next morning, Dorothy finds Rose in the kitchen. She never went to bed. Dorothy tries to snap her out of her depression about the lost teddy bear. It doesn’t work. Sophia joins them in the kitchen and informs them that Alvin is buying her breakfast. Blanches comes in proclaiming she found Fernando the teddy bear. Rose informs her it’s not Fernando. She thanks her for trying and exits the kitchen. But Blanche confesses to Dorothy that she accidentally gave Fernando to Daisy. Dorothy tells her to call Daisy. She is shocked when Blanche informs her that Daisy is holding Fernando for ransom. Dorothy isn’t buying it, so Blanche shows her the ear Daisy sent her. Now she is horrified. Back at the beach, Alvin and Sophia are watching for men peeing in the ocean. They’ve counted 3 or 4 now. She tells Alvin a story about how she loves the beach, but Sal didn’t. He said too many people peed in the ocean. Sophia asks him about his wife, and he draws a blank, no matter how pushy she gets. He starts crying and she tries to comfort him. Back at the house, Blanche and Dorothy try to double team Daisy for the teddy bear. They try to explain it was a mistake. She informs them the mistake will cost them a ten-speed Schwinn bike. The girls are horrified. Dorothy plays hard ball and threatens to call her parents and send her to a school for bad girls. She then threatens to destroy Fernando with a water pistol filled with red ink. Rose arrives and Blanche tries to alert her. She realizes Rose had not been informed. She is going to increase the ransom now. Blanche takes this time to confess. Rose gets angry and tells Blanche to cut the crap and get the bear back. Back at the boardwalk, Alvin comes late and is not acting like himself. Sophia is confused by his behavior. He storms off. The next morning Rose finds Sophia crocheting at the kitchen table. Sophia is making a scarf for Alvin and Rose made a set of clothes for her teddy bear. She refers to him as Fernando though and Sophia thinks she slept with Fernando. The doorbell rings and it’s Daisy. Now she wants cash instead of gifts. Rose makes a speech about life and parting ways with Fernando. She walks her to the door, then grabs the bear and shoves her out as she slams the door. Blanche and Dorothy are excited. The next day Sophia meets Alvin at the boardwalk. Today, he is normal again and himself. He brought her something to drink. Dorothy is there watching. A woman walks up to her. She immediately realizes Dorothy is Sophia’s daughter. Sophia references the previous fight; both forget about it. Alvin’s daughter explains to Dorothy that he has Alzheimer’s. In the kitchen, Blanche is telling a story about a guy that hit on her in a dress store. Dorothy goes to speak to Sophia in her room. She tells her about Alvin’s illness. Dorothy tells her she followed her the boardwalk after the fight. Sophia admits she knew something was wrong with him. Dorothy then tells her about Alvin’s daughter. He will be going to New York for special care in the next few months. Next, we see Sophia sitting on the bench on the boardwalk by herself. It’s been a couple of months. Dorothy walks down to her. Sophia has the finished scarf with her. She will mail the scarf to him. The two leave. Another old man sits on the bench and Sophia yells at him. Dorothy and Sophia leave the boardwalk.

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