The Curse of Oak Island S08, Ep18 – Cannon Fodder

Show: The Curse of Oak Island

Season: 8 Episode: 18

Title: Cannon Fodder

Original Air Date: March 16, 2021

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At the swamp, another wooden stake is found bordering the pathway. They have found a point where the stone road either turns or forks off in two directions. Rick spots something and it’s another stake, but smaller. In the money pit, Rick joins them. There is more evidence of a tunnel at 87 feet. That is the major number for several holes they have found. The next day, work continues at the swamp. Rick is curious if they have found more evidence of cobblestones. More digging is required to make a conclusion. Rick helps with the digging and finds blue clay. This is the same clay that they found in the eye of the swamp and other locations on the island. Now there is a tentative connection between the money pit and the stone path. On the lot with the pine tar kiln, they bring in an excavator. Gary is prepared to metal detect the spoils. He gets an iron hit. What he finds is a large and old piece of iron. He has no clue what it is. Nothing like this has ever been found on the island. He gets another hit and finds another large piece of iron similar to the first. The third spot is dug up. He gets a third piece. This one is bigger still. They wonder if these large pieces of iron were used as ballast in ships. Later a meeting takes place in the war room regarding the wooden stakes that have been found. Craig has the carbon 14 dating results. Sample 112 dates to 1719-1826, and the second sample 113 dates to 1636-1684. Marty is shocked by the different dates on these items. They were found within 10 feet of each other. Rick says he’s astonished that digging and trowels have brought them far more answers than science has. Back in the swamp, they continue to uncover the cobblestone path. Dr. Spooner and Billy both point out that the cobblestones are all the same size. They were man made. The rocks have an interface. They were clearly stacked. Per Billy’s spotting the angle of the road does line up with the direction of the money pit. Charles, David and Dan Henske go up to visit Carmen Legge. They’ve taken the three iron pieces for him to look at. He thinks they are legs that could have been of a signal cannon. He dates it to early 1700s. Back at the swamp, Dr. Spooner, Rick and Gary, are searching for more clues to the direction of the stone road. Dr. Spooner asks Gary to metal detect where he thinks the path continues onto Lot 15. They find a sone that has been drilled and has metal in it. It could be part of a ring bolt. This feature does seem to line up with Fred Nolan’s map of the ring bolts. Dr. Spooner begins uncovering the rock. It is embedded. They bring in Tom Nolan to see if he remembers it. He confirms it’s one of the original ring bolt rocks.

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