The Curse of Oak Island S08, Ep17 – Staking Their Claim

The team has brought in Terry Deveau, an historian. He confirms that a road like this (in the swamp) was built to carry heavy loads. He says there was likely a dock as well. And this road was used to carry the loads from the dock to wherever the material needed to be taken. He explains in that time the standard cart was 5 feet wide. The road is a bit wider than that. It was likely a cart road for ship offloading. He confirms its very unusual and that it was like 1500s or earlier and constructed by Europeans. Later, Marty and Craig meet in the war room to discuss the money pit progress. The tunnel has been hit 3 times. The wood that came up from C14 dated from 1648 to 1697. BC4 in the northwest direction is the next spot they hope to drill and get information from. Rick and Gary go to Lot 25, Samual Ball’s homestead foundation lot, to do more metal detecting. They have to follow a specific set of rules. They are actually checking out metal detector hits he already got and marked. On each location, he runs the detector again to determine its location. The first item they dig up is either a coin or a button. It is made of copper. They move on to the next flag. They find a cane topper for a riding top or a military swagger stick. There is a design on the top. It looks like a crown and a flower. It must be researched. Gary feels Doug can find the answer. At the money pit, the drilling of BC4 has begun. Charles and Terry are going through each core sample. At 78 feet there is wood. Charles hopes the timbers extend into the next sample. Terry takes a closer look and sees the wood has been hand cut. The next one is 87 to 94 feet. Terry finds fibers but no large pieces of wood. Charlies finds wood though. Back at the swamp, the archeologists continue to uncover more and more road. Dr. Spooner keeps analyzing it. He discovered an old fire pit on the side of the road. Rick and the two archeologists dig this new find. Marty and Gary head to the research center. Doug Crowell has been researching the cane topper. He’s trying to match the symbol to a maker’s mark. Doug has found many similar designs online but not this exact one. Marty thinks it might have been gilded. Back in the swamp, Gary arrives to metal detect. There are lots of spoils for him to detect. The hope is he will find some artifacts to date the road and fire pit. He finds a heavy metal ring. He thinks it might be a wheel bearing from an old cart. Gary asks Aaron (archeologist) to come take a look at it. He does and offers to take it to the lab. A video conference call takes place with Sarah MacInnes, the historian from Fort Louis. They sent her a photograph of the cane topper. Nothing in their collection matches this cane. She could not identify the design. Laird thinks it’s a lipstick cover. The ox shoes they sent her matches what in is their collection. She thinks the items found demonstrate that the area was occupied. Back in the swamp on the spoils pile, Gary continues detecting. He gets a hit. It’s a rose head spike. Marty joins them at the swamp, along with some additional workers. The three are tasked with digging a certain area. As they dig, Mart finds something. It’s a wooden stake. It may have been used to stake out this road. It will be carbon dated.

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