Family Matters S03, Ep01 – Boom!

Show: Family Matters

Season: 3 Episode: 1

Title: Boom!

Original Air Date: September 20, 1991

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Favorite Quotes:

* Steve: Look at her, Lowell. Isn’t my Laura achingly beautiful?

Lowell: nods head.

* Rachel: I was out on a date with Denzel Washington and he kept begging me to kiss him. So I puckered up, closed my eyes and he planted one on me. But when I opened my eyes it wasn’t Denzel it was some ugly looking ape.


Eddie, Waldo and Laura come home. Waldo comments about how the room feels like a kitchen. It is a kitchen. Carl comes down upset. He asks how they would describe his physique. Lt. Murtagh decided Carl was out of condition and is making Carl work out with him. Laura is happy to be Urkel free for bit. They joke about her dream guy. The kitchen door opens and an Orangutan walks in in a suit. Steve comes running in. Steve introduces Lowell, the Orangutan, to everyone. Steve got him from the behavioral sciences lab. He “rescued” him from the lab where was set to test discount parachutes. He’s going to keep him in the basement till Monday when he can go the bank and get out enough money to buy him from the lab. Then he will donate him to the zoo. Carl is now at the gym to work out with Murtagh. He steers Carl to the treadmill and tells him a story about catching a bomber called Nitro. The treadmill introduces itself and asked for a personal code name. Murtagh gives it his to give Carl to use. The program starts. That evening, Laura is asleep in bed. Steve climbs up the tree outside her window, opens it and climbs in. Lowell climbs in after. They both stare at her while she sleeps. Steve tells Lowell that they have to be careful in how they wakeup Laura. But she’s awake. Steve’s dad ordered Lowell out. Lowell got ahold of his dad’s credit card and went on a shopping spree. Steve begs Laura to let Lowell stay there that night. She finally agrees, he just has to be out by breakfast. Steve pays Ritchie and Judy. Laura runs down telling them that Lowell is loose in the house. Rachel comes to the kitchen begging for coffee. She had a nightmare. She was on a date with Denzel Washingtion, but when she opened her eyes it was an ape. Harriet thinks its her meatball sandwiches before bed. But Lowell comes down the stairs into the kitchen. He sits next to Rachel and makes a kissy face at her. Rachel gets up and leaves proclaiming coffee isn’t helping she needs a doctor. Lowell picks up the paper and Harriet greets him as if he is Carl. She finally sees its an Orangutan and screams. Later that day, Carl goes back to the gym and Murtagh’s treadmill. He gives it the code name “stallion” again. It doesn’t hear him the first two times and then he yells at it. But instead of the treadmill voice it’s the bombers voice. He’s put a bomb in the treadmill. Carl is freaked out. He starts yelling help and everyone runs over. Once he tells them there’s a bomb in the treadmill all but one leaves. She calls for the bomb squad. Murtagh will be sent in too. He’s forced in. The two start talking. Carl tells Murtagh he needs to catch is breath. He tries but it’s not working. Carl suggests they trade places and keep doing so until the bomb squad arrives. Murtagh gets on. He gets a cramp and falls off. Carl manages to crawl back on. Carl tells him to take the top apart on the treadmill so they can disarm it themselves. There are three wires: red, blue and yellow. Carl tells him to cut the yellow. He finally cuts it; they both jump and cover. The bomb doesn’t go off. The two share a moment. When Murtagh asks Carl how he knew what wire to cut, Carl tells him he guessed. Murtagh faints. Laura and Lowell are on the couch watching Tarzan. Steve arrives. He paid for Lowell and five hamsters. Lowell does not want to go to the zoo. Lowell somehow tells Steve he will miss him. Steve tells him he will visit a lot. Lowell gives him a hug. Harriet and Carl arrive home. He thinks he’s fine after the bomb. He turns around. Steve and Lowell wave. He decides to take a nap.

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