The Curse of Oak Island S07, Ep22 – Marks X the Spot

Show: The Curse of Oak Island

Season: 7 Episode: 22

Title: Marks X The Spot

Original Air Date: April 21, 2020

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A hammer grab comes up with a lot of old and enormous timbers. The ones that look the oldest are being put aside to be looked at closer. These timbers have roman numerals that look like the same ones from the U shaped structure. Terry and Gary clean up some of the timbers and find more roman numerals. Marty points out these timbers are not from the Chappell or Heddon shaft, the timbers are much different. Vanessa comes over to take a look. Gary metal detects and comes up with something that looks a bit like a crowbar, but they are not sure what it is. They will have the blacksmith look at it. Craig and Alex take items over to Carmen the blacksmith. He first sees the crowbar object. It’s a lantern or pulley holder. He dates it to the 1700s. It’s a rock hammer. The short handle indicates it was used in a small space or enclosure. He says it could go all the way back to the middle ages. Back on the island, the spoils are transported to a custom built wash table where Jack washes them by hand. Jack finds a clump that could be hair or coconut fiber. Dan Henske joins Jack going through the spoils. He finds something interesting. Vanessa lets them know they are at 160 feet. So they are close to the anomalous zone. One of the timbers in the spoils pile has a big nail and a bolt. Large timbers just keep coming up. A huge metal plate came up at 160 feet. They can date it to 1931. It’s the shield from the Chappell shaft. As they continue to dig, pressures rise. Suddenly, the crane jumps and shifts 6 inches. One of the steel braces has broken off. Vanessa informs them they have to do some welding repairs before they can continue. The repair takes three hours. Work on the RF-1 shaft continues. Not much is coming up now. Something is blocking the case. They are at 181 and only getting through 4 inches per hour. Vanessa suggest pulling the can up five feet and leaving the 50,000 pound hammer grab sitting on it to try and make more progress. Results from the ground penetrating radar done at the Ball property allowed Laird to get permits for a search. Laird has already been working there. He has to do a full archaeological dig. Kelly and Laird are doing the digging, layer by layer. Kelly has already found what looks like a big hinge with square holes. He’s already excited. In the swamp, Billy is run the excavator to try and figure out the origin of features they’ve discovered. Dr. Spooner has found some wood. He takes a sample to put an age on the swamp. It’s a tree that was killed by the start of the swamp. It should give a very accurate age on the swamp. Back at the Ball site digging continues. They are looking for a tunnel. Jack is digging for the tunnel. Jack gets down a ways and he finds two openings. It may be stacked stones. Gary comes over to see what’s going on. Everyone comes to the Ball property to come and see the anomaly. Jack Asks Laird if he can lift the stones. He gives him permission. After moving some of the flat stones there is a bigger opening. The next day more people work on the Ball foundation. More of the tunnel is exposed. Rick and Marty have brought out a plumber to put a snake camera into the hole and see what is there. They watch the feed as the camera is advanced. It’s get stuck on something but he gets it through. Then they find a small wall made of wood. The camera operator manages to get the camera under the stacked rock or wood. Rick has him slowly bring out the camera. He feeds it forward again. You can see a very flat roof. It’s hits an obstruction that they have difficulty with. Turns out there is a big rock blocking the path. The camera cannot advance past it.

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