Batgirl v1 #1

Some thugs appear to be in the middle of a photo shoot. One of them points out they are all standing on plastic. A girl puts a knife at the edge. The cameraman instructs them to pick up the knife and try to cut her. They all refuse. She takes one out. He offers knives to anyone who wants one, but it’s too late.

Now she is doing hand to hand combat with Barbara Gordon as she sits in her wheel chair. Barbara manages to best her. There’s a picture of Barbara as Batgirl on the desk. Training ends.

Later, Barbara starts to work on her computer archiving files. She notes what little information she has about her. She was acquired at birth by David Cain and raised in isolation. She was trained night and day in lethal combat. She escaped nine years earlier and has been adrift since. She only knows a few words, but highly intelligent.

Elsewhere, a man beats another man. He looks up and sees the girl. He freaks out. The beaten man is screaming in fear. She takes off. The man becomes upset.

In another alley, a batgirl-ish figure comes upon a mugging in progress which is promptly stopped. Batman shows up too. The woman safely gets away.

At Barbara’s lair, Batgirl drops a rose petal that floats tot he ground. Barbara decides they are going to go out. They wind up at a park. Barbara tries to comfort her by telling her she knows how hard it is. The girl bolts.

That night, she sleeps but is having nightmares. Per Barbara it happens every night. Batman arrives and he and Barbara talk. He’s concerned. Barbara points out that she is very much like him. He tells her about Cain’s training methods. He took many infants. He deprived them of speech to try adapt the language center to read body language, physical movement as language. She comments on her skill at stick fighting. Batman tells her that Cain didn’t teach her that, he did. She learned in five minutes flat. Barbara is astonished.

Batman takes her for more training. He tells her she need not hold back. She tricks him into thinking she’s out of shape to get the upper hand. Suddenly, Batman hears something. An armored car is being robbed. The two step in to help. It’s the same man who attacked the man in the street. This time Batgirl tells him to shut up. He looks horribly afraid.

Batman tells her no costumed criminals and to check with Oracle if she doesn’t know what that means. He makes clear that she represents him, acts as him, when in the costume. He also tells her she can start whenever she likes. She jumps into action acrobatically.

A man looks at film strip, then we see David Cain. The person on the film strip is Batgirl.

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