The Curse of Oak Island S06, Ep21 – Seismic Matters

Show: The Curse of Oak Island
Season: 6
Episode: 21
Title: Seismic Matters
Original Air Date: April 16, 2019

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Synopsis: The final two weeks of work begin before the weather forces them off the island. The strike continues. Working in the money pit is still at a full stop. They video call Marty to make some decisions due to the strike. Craig wants to just work on Smith’s Cove and give up on the money pit for the rest of the season. Rick, however, thinks there is still hope. Marty has a very different attitude, he says the money pit, Smith’s Cove and the swamp are all on the table still. They decide to move forward with the seismic testing in the swamp. In Smith’s Cove everyone is working. Gary informs them that he’s not found any metal in this area. Billy is excavating and comes up with another wooden structure. Digging it by hand its not getting much so they have Billy dig at a different angle to clear more away. Laird gives Billy some specific digging instructions and they find the corner and also slats. It’s like a fence. Upon closer inspection, Laird believes it to be a shaft. In the war room, Chris Donah, meets with the team about research he’s done about the swamp. He speaks about the constellations above the island being used as a map for the various builds on the island. He talks about an arch and different constellations, specifically Virgo and spica. He thinks the swamp has a back door to the money pit. The team has laid out as much plywood as they can to give the seismic people as much access as possible. They begin laying in the charges. On Lot 27 others go through material taken from the swamp. Gary finds a coin or button pretty quickly. Another round object is found. It’s got a hole punched in it. Since it was from the swamp if it can be identified then it may pinpoint who was on the island. At the swamp all the seismic charges are in place and they are about to start the testing. It’s a total of 2,025 shots over several days. Each shot or charge has 20 grams of dynamite. The equipment was calibrated to get information for the depth range of 15 to 85 feet. Back in the Cove, digging continues. Another feature has been found. As the dig continues, water starts to come out of the area. It looks like piled up boulders. They may have found the flood tunnel convergence point. Back in the war room, the team comes up to speed on new test results. The professor tells them they had to slowly dry the wood in an oven and then take small pieces to test. Sample 1 is the 2” horizontal wall. It’s tamarack but it had a lot of worm holes and they are still working on it. Sample 7 is from the slipway. It’s red spruce, dates to 1771. Sample 8 and 9 are from the U shape structures. It’s also believed red spruce and dates to 1769. Marty concludes all the work in Smith’s Cove is 1770’s. The man gives an accuracy of 99.99999. Marty states they have just been provided conclusive proof that not everything they are finding is from searchers. Marty is impressed and the team is guardedly shocked.

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