The Golden Girls S02, Ep13 – The Stan Who Came to Dinner

Show: The Golden Girls
Season: 2
Episode: 13
Title: The Stan Who Came to Dinner
Original Air Date: January 10, 1987

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Favorite Quotes:

* Twins: We’re here to see Blanche.
Sophia: She must be back on the vitamins.

* Sophia: Hey, how would you like me to fix your face so you don’t look like twins anymore?

* Twin: Blanche, I told you we were exactly alike.
Blanche: You’re going to be thanking me for years to come.

* Blanche: Oh Stan is her ex-husband, biggest loser you’ll ever see.

* Dorothy: I said pull yourself together, not talk like Sammy Davis, Jr.

* Sophia: Dorothy, he’s family. It’s your fault the yutz is family. But you do for family.

* Stan: I love you Dorothy. I know that sounds crazy from a guy who walked out on you after 38 years.

* Stan: Dorothy, I need to know you forgive me before I let them cut me open tomorrow.
Dorothy: They may have to stand in line.

* Sophia: I told you you could come out of your room, I didn’t say you could talk to me.

* Stan: You kill me.
Sophia: I’d love to.

* Dorothy: Stanley how could you fake a relapse?

Synopsis: Sophia is sitting on the couch as the doorbell rings. No one can get it so they ask her to. She tries to guilt them. It’s twins at the door but Sophia is worried she’s seeing double. Blanche and Dorothy enter the living room and calm Sophia down. They are both surprised that the brothers are twins. Before they can leave, the doorbell rings. It’s Stan. She tells him she’s going out and in the future she would prefer notice before he stops by. He tells her he’s having surgery. Dorothy is not happy that Stan wants her to cancel her plans. Rose walks in and Dorothy asks her to stand in for her. She begs off due to the book mobile. It’s now a situation of who is going to take Dorothy’s place, however, Blanche wants to go on a date with both twins at the same time. In the kitchen, Stan tells Dorothy that he has to have heart bypass surgery. He’s a mess. Sophia comes in and she gives him a food order. When Sophia finds out that he’s in need of heart surgery she tells them he’ll stay there. Dorothy is not happy, but Sophia points out he’s family and it’s her fault. It’s now the night before his surgery. Rose and Blanche come in to wish him well tomorrow, but it doesn’t go well. Stan has a breakdown with Dorothy. He tells her he still loves her. Then he confesses to her about an affair he had while they were married. Dorothy is pissed. He begs and she forgives him. Then he tells her about another affair he had. As well as one with the secretary he had. It’s now the day of the surgery. One of Sophia’s friends is there after a bad fall. Dorothy, meanwhile, is freaking out while he is having surgery. She is not happy that she is this upset. She tells them if Stan dies she will feel like his widow. Blanche then tells a story about being a widow. Then Rose discusses how being a widow has felt for her. The surgeon comes out to talk to Dorothy about the surgery and he’s doing fine. He then tells her that the recovery period is three months. Now Dorothy is truly upset. Weeks later, Sophia and Stan are watching basketball together. Sophia gets annoyed and asks him when he’s leaving and he laughs it off. Blanche comes back with one of the twins. Stan puts his foot in his mouth and ends her relationship. Blanche is mad. Rose comes out of the kitchen furious as Stan broke her “wedding plate.” Dorothy arrives home in the middle of the fight. Rose and Blanche tell Dorothy he is driving them crazy and has to go. In the kitchen, Rose tells a St. Olaf story. Days later, Stan has a relapse on the day the doctor says Stan can go home. After he gets the girls out of his room, he pretends to play basketball. He gets caught by Dorothy. She rips him a new one. He makes excuses like always and likens Dorothy to a security blanket. He temper flares and she goes on the offense again. They wind up having a big heart to heart.

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