Family Matters S02, Ep14 – Ice Station Winslow

Show: Family Matters
Season: 2
Episode: 14
Title: Ice Station Winslow
Original Air Date: January 4, 1991

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Favorite Quotes:

* Carl: Now why do I need a snowblower when I got you?

* Steve: Laura…bosoms (Steve faints)

* Carl: Now his son’s hooked.
Steve: Hooked? Fishing? Bodacious pun big guy.

* Carl: Steve, how did you get here?
Steve: Well my mom says the stork, but I’ve seen the contract from the invitro fertilization clinic.

* Carl: Are you implying you’re not having a good time?
Eddie: Dad, I’m not implying. I’m telling you straight out I hate this.

* Steve: Eddo, I love you from the bottom of my heart but you are one big wuss.

Synopsis: Rachel and Harriet are working on Ritchie’s penguin costume. Judy comes home with an A on her report card, but after a short congratulations she is ignored for Ritchie’s costume. She goes upstairs clearly hurt. Ritchie suddenly needs rescuing from his costume for a bathroom break. Later, Eddie complains about having to shovel snow. Eddie heads out to hang out with his friends, but Carl tries to tag along. Harriet suggests that Carl schedule a father and son outing. The next day, Harriet is folding laundry the couch. Laura comes downstairs and she has clearly stuffed her bra. Rachel comes in and is left speechless. She’s upset that Judy ripped the beak off Ritchie’s costume. Steve comes over, he sees Laura with the padded bra (not realizing its padded) and he faints. While Steve recovers in the kitchen Carl comes in with fishing equipment. He tells Eddie he is taking him ice fishing. Eddie is not impressed. Steve acts like he’s coming along as well. Carl tries to tell him he is not invited. Steve thinks it’s a joke. He leaves. Eddie tells his dad he doesn’t want to go. Carl is not taking no for an answer. It’s the big day and the two of them are out on the frozen lake. Carl is thrilled to hear nothing, including Steve. But then Steve shows up. Carl’s not happy. The three sit around a hole and fish. Eddie complains about being cold. Steve tells them he’s using cheese as bait. Steve catches a fish. Meanwhile, back at the house, Ritchie’s costume is done. Judy and Laura have a heart to heart about feeling left out when there’s a younger kid. Back at the frozen lake, Steve starts to sing. Eddie starts to whine. Carl and Eddie get into a fight. Steve calls Eddie out for his behavior. He gets mad and starts chasing Steve. The ice starts cracking because of it. Steve gets to safety, then Eddie. Now Carl attempts to get to safety but the ice cracks and he goes into the water. They throw Carl a rope, he’s able to grab it. Steve slides out to help pull him out. Eddie starts pulling on Steve, who’s pulls on Carl. They get him out of the water. Back at the house, Harriet is trying to thaw Carl out as he shivers. He’s clearly got hypothermia. Harriet lays a steamy kiss on Carl to warm him up. Eddie brings Carl hot chocolate with 19 marshmallows. Eddie and Carl have a heart to heart. Carl tells him he’s trying to make up for lost time from when he’s been working. Eddie tells him anytime he wants to hang out, just say the word. They both agree, no more ice fishing and share a hug.

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