Numb3rs S03, Ep05 – Traffic

Show: Numb3rs
Season: 3
Episode: 5
Title: Traffic
Original Air Date: October 20, 2006

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Favorite Quotes:

* Larry: You, yourself, must embrace this new role because only then will others be able to see you differently.

* Megan: None of these attacks fit the profile of a freeway attack. Is it possible for something to be too random to be random?

* Alan: What if there is a pattern that you aren’t able to predict?

* Larry: Something that doesn’t repeat is not by definition random.

* Amita: It’s like someone opened up a valve on the freeway.
Larry: More like an escape route.

Synopsis: A family comes home on the freeway after watching a movie. A shot rings through the windshield killing the father. The son in the passenger seat barely stops before they crash. Charlie is giving a lecture. Don meets with the family at the hospital. The doctor tells them she has stabilized her husband. Don takes the kids so the doctor can talk to the wife. There is hope. There’s been 7 freeway attacks resulting in 4 deaths. Don is very upset. The background check on the newest victim doesn’t’ shed any light. Charlie thinks the attacks are actually random and not connected. Don chooses to pursue them as individual crimes. Amita asks Larry for advice about going from student to professor. He advises her to embrace the new role. Megan is bothered by these cases. The man is out of surgery and in recovery. He asks the wife a few more questions. She explains to Don that he’s too nice, he will let the other person win. She goes to Charlie about the randomness. Back at the office, Colby and David discuss the truck. David finds a link between two of the victims, they go to the same car wash. They pay a visit to the man at the car wash. Once he is pointed out he runs. They chase him through the car wash and the manager stops the man and also fires him. Megan interviews him. A call comes in, there’s been another freeway incident. A cinderblock was dropped on a car from an overpass, the drive did not make it. Larry and Charlie discuss his newest theory. Charlie tells Larry he needs to get a place. Charlie tells him about Megan asking about too random. Larry points out how disconcerting it is. It triggers a thought for Charlie. Megan has found a bunch of insurance claims that could be related. Charlie pops in and apologizes to Megan. She’s thrilled. She shows him 5 new incidents. When she adds them into the timeline Charlie sees a pattern. The time between attacks is shortening. It’s a serial killer. Colby finds a similarity with five of the victims. At the house, Alan asks if it’s safe to drive. Alan has a good laugh at Charlie’s expense. Don goes to visit the victim again. He’s now awake. He tells Don about an accident he saw and helped out at. Even with this new piece of information it doesn’t’ fit a profile. Don visits Charlie at his office. He veers off course and talks about Charlie and Amita. Charlie finds the instructions for Amita’s program. He does need some additional data to figure out where he goes after the attack. Back at the office, they break down as much as they can but don’t make much progress. Larry and Charlie meet Amita in her office. Charlie brings coffee. Her first analysis finds an anomaly. So does the second analysis. That night, an officer does a traffic stop and finds the woman is dead with a hole in the windshield. It’s the second gunshot wound at close range. It’s the first time he’s repeated himself. It’s now possible this woman was the intended target. They go to the suspects house. But they see that he’s got a physical impairment. They bring him in to talk to him. He’s in group therapy. Charlie has something new for the team. He’s broken down escape routes. David and Colby go to check each escape route and talk to witnesses. They get another white truck, and the light acting weirdly. He thought it was an American made truck. Charlie’s walking on campus and finds Larry. He was supposed to be at a symposium. He has a date with Megan and that is why he skipped the symposium. The light changing machine is not something easily found. They checked traffic cameras in all the locations and get a hit on the truck and the device being used. They get pictures of the truck, but they aren’t very clear. Enhancement of a photo gets the letters of a support group. The victims are all connected to this group. Megan talks to the man who runs the group. They might have a suspect. He’s on an overpass and about to pull a big brick out of his truck when he hears sirens. He’s surrounded by cops and tries to drive through them. He tells them he’s making things right. Innocent people are hurt and the ones at fault don’t get punished. At the house, Alan finds Don sitting in the house. Charlie arrives and has something interesting for Don. Charlie determined that the chain was caused by the hit and run of the guy who did all the attacks. Charlie offers to try and help solve the mans case so he can get justice.

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