Mama’s Family S02, Ep19 – Mamas Birthday

Show: Mama’s Family
Season: 2
Episode: 19
Title: Mamas Birthday
Original Air Date: March 17, 1984

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Favorite Quotes:

* Thelma: You might find this hard to believe Buzz but when I turned 30 I thought my life was just beginning.

* Mother Crowley: Cookbook? You aren’t going to try to bake a cake are you?

* Mother Crowley: Fiddlesticks. Carl ain’t getting no promotion. I know a loser when I see one and Carl’s got “Kick me” written all over his face.

* Thelma: I didn’t get my wish after all, Carl lived.

* Thelma: Lord, I wish Carl had lived to see this. This is the most wonderful birthday of my life.

* Thelma: Lord, I knew this birthday was going too perfect.

* Thelma: Nope it wasn’t a dream. There she is, all 19 cubic feet of her.

* Thelma: Well, either that toilet’s on the fritz again or you just wished me a happy birthday.

Synopsis: It’s Mama’s birthday and the grandkids come downstairs and wish her a happy birthday. Sonia asks her why she doesn’t like her birthday. Ellen comes over with a gift for her. It’s actually a punch bowl. Sonia presses her for what she would really like for her birthday. She wants to clean the attic. They all give her lame excuses as to why they can’t help. Buzz can’t come up with an excuse so he helps her clean the attic. While cleaning Buzz asks her what happened on her 30th birthday. She starts telling him about the party she was having for her 30th. The three kids want to help but it turns into an argue. Carl is supposed to get a promotion at work that day. While she waits on Carl to come home, her mother calls. She won’t be coming to her birthday party. She was also making her birthday cake, and now there won’t be one. Thelma decides she’ll bake the cake herself. They have an argument over Carl. The call ends abruptly when her mother hangs up on her. Carl comes home, but he doesn’t give her any answers. The doorbell rings and it’s Thelma’s new freezer. There’s a commotion in the kitchen, Ellen and Eunice got in a fight and the flour is all over the floor. She tries talking to Carl again and he doesn’t answer. She realizes that Burt got the job instead of Carl. It’s a bit later and the guests are at the party. Carl is still locked in the bathroom. It’s time for the cake and Thelma uses a fruitcake as a substitute. Vint gives her his present and then gives her a hug and won’t let go. Ellen givers her roller skates as a present. Now Eunice gives her her present, it’s a poem with song and dance. The doorbell rings and Burt is at the door. He tells Thelma that Carl turned the job down and that’s why he got it. He just wanted to say thank you. Thelma is furious. As she slams the door in his face they start singing Happy Birthday. She’s so mad she storms into the bathroom to confront Carl. Ellen and Eunice light the candles and Vint’s card catches fire. She pours the punch on it to put it out. And we fade back to the attic. They come back down stairs and it’s a surprise party. She finds something huge wrapped in the dining room. Naomi tells them that everyone pitched in. It’s a freezer. She’s so excited. The phone rings and when she answers it’s Eunice. She just lets the phone sit. Later that night, she comes down to look at the freezer again. She pulls out the piano bench and sits by the bathroom, cracks the door and has a talk with Carl. She tells him she forgives him. The toilet flushes, Carl has wished Thelma a Happy Birthday.

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