Numb3rs S03, Ep04 – The Mole

Show: Numb3rs
Season: 3
Episode: 4
Title: The Mole
Original Air Date: October 13, 2006

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Favorite Quotes:

* Amita: You know they say there’s nothing sexier than a guy who can cook.
Charlie: Do you agree?
Amita: I don’t know, I like guys who can do math.

* Megan: It means there’s a mole in the Department of Justice.

* Colby: You’re telling me that you knew she was a spy?

* Alan: Are you really going to tell Larry that his work is good but not good enough?

Synopsis: The story beings at a club with a lot of people dancing. A woman suddenly stops and makes a call. She goes outside and gets run over and killed. Don’s team gets called in because she’s an interpreter for the Chinese consulate. In Charlie’s office Amita pops in. Larry has been published and Charlie didn’t know about it. David and Colby are trying to track down the car. When they start digging they find that there is a connection to Colby’s army past. Charlie pops into Don’s office and learns about the new case. Charlie volunteers to help. In his office, he starts picking apart Larry’s article. Charlie is clearly hurt. Colby talks to his old friend about the woman. Nothing flagged for him though when he did her background check. Charlie pays a visit to Larry. Larry realizes that Charlie is a bit upset. They discuss and Larry didn’t realize he had upset Charlie. Don and Megan go to visit the chines consulate. At the office, David has picked up new information on her. Charlie pops in and proves she was murdered. He determined the car was accelerating when it hit her. After going through her computer they find a lot of photos. Charlie thinks there are messages hidden in the photos. The key card on the victim was traced to an apartment that was hers. There’s a video camera and Colby gets to go through the video. Colby recognizes a visitor. Charlie and Larry are decoding all the images. They again discuss working together and Larry points out how Charlie has been going in many new directions, but he hasn’t. He finds an offshore account number hidden in the picture. They uncover that she is trading secrets. There’s a mole in the Department of Justice feeding her information. Colby visits his friend again and questions him. He was having an affair with Kim. He also thought she was a spy. Charlie and his dad share a meal. Larry comes up. Alan talks some sense into him. David watches the video from the apartment video. Charlie wants to try some facial recognition software. Megan gets a lead as well, a chop shop with a car. The guy running the shop tries to take Colby hostage, but the dude winds up getting dropped by Colby. Charlie runs in and tells Don he has the mole. The face he creates is Colby’s friend. Don’s not happy. Don talks to Colby and he’s completely shocked by it. Don comes down on him, and he’s not having any of it. Don takes Colby off the case. David and Megan get into his apartment and search it. They bug his place and copy his laptops hard drive. They hide and sneak out after he comes back in. Larry pays Alan a visit. He brings up the paper. They have a little discussion. Don and his team learn that Carter has gone on the run. Charlie and Amita are asked by Megan to try and figure out where Carter is going next. They stake out several of the places that Charlie and Amita have predicted. Carter shows up at the spot Don is at. He meets with the man from the consulate that stonewalled Don and Mega. Don follows. They box him in in the tunnel. The cab driver gets out. Once they secure him they go for the passenger, but it’s a fake. Colby finds him at his boat. He gives Colby all kinds of justification for his actions. Colby shows him he’s wearing a wire. Carter is not happy. He pulls a gun on him. The Calvary arrives and surrounds him. Carter tries to blame Colby, but he’s not buying that at all. Charlie pays Larry a visit and oddly, Larry apologizes. Charlie compliments his paper.

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