The X Files S02, Ep07 – Trinity (3)

Show: The X Files
Season: 2
Episode: 7
Title: Trinity (3)
Original Air Date: November 4, 1994

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Favorite Quotes:

* Mulder: It’s more likely I’ll be looking in your eyes when they lead you into the gas chamber.

* Mulder: If you are what you say you are, then I know what can kill you.

* Mulder: In a couple hours there will be no escaping the sun, son.

Synopsis: A man drinks wine while he watches a fire in the nearby mountains. A woman lights a candle. He’s in the process of a romantic rendezvous with a woman who isn’t his wife. She starts biting him. Another man runs up with a large needle. He screams. Mulder goes to his basement office and starts uncovering things. He takes out Dana Scully’s file wither her badge and glasses and a few other items. Mulder is called to the scene of what we saw earlier. He fills in the lead detective on the pair of killers. He tells him everything about the scene before entering. The cop is shocked. And even more so when he goes over all the previous victims. In a the pool drain, he pulls out the point of the needle. The officer is a bit surprised when Mulder volunteers to help. He tracks down a lead to a local blood bank. Mulder runs into a maintenance man at the blood bank, he’s freaked out by the night watchmen. Mulder hears some strange sounds and finds the man is sucking a pint of blood. He succeeds in subduing the man and taking him into custody. He’s losing his mind with the lights being on. Mulder plugs in a red lamp and he calms down. He refuses to talk to anyone but Mulder. He’s put in a cell where the sunlight slowly moves towards him and finally hits him. When it does he burns up. Mulder is completely shocked. The coroner his horrified. Mulder finds himself at an interesting night club. He meets a very strange woman. She pricks her finger with a needle and tries to get Mulder to suck her blood. He refuses. Another man accepts and she leaves with him. The woman and the man go to a house. However, her partner follows. The two kill him. At the scene, he finds prints. The teeth expert thinks the bites were from three different people on the victim. The officers and Mulder go to the woman’s home with a search warrant. Mulder finds a loaf of bread in the oven filled with blood. He tells everyone she’s gone. He goes back though that night and talks with her. She tells him about her childhood. The about the man named John, who started this bloodsport with her. She’s been on the run ever since. She notices that he’s wearing the cross (it’s Scully’s). They’re playing some kind of game with each other. She winds up shaving Mulder. She cuts him and tries to taste his blood. He stops her from doing that and they kiss instead. At the window, the man who died in the jail cell, stands watching. He sneaks in to show her he’s alive and tells her he can’t die. He wants to kill her so she can come back as well. He wants her to cut Mulder and drink some of his blood. She tells Mulder he has to leave. The other creepy man comes in and she stabs him repeatedly. She tells Mulder that John is alive. They both try to get out abut John attacked. Mulder ties him up and they head to her car. Another woman appears and Krista tries to save Mulder. Mulder goes back in for his gun and John, and Krista speeds away. But he finds her car abandoned just down the road. She goes back to the house and starts pouring gasoline everywhere. She blows up the house with her and the three who’ve been committing the murders. The fireman tells Mulder he found four bodies. He holds Scully’s cross.

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