Elementary S03, Ep14 – The Female of the Species

Show: Elementary
Season: 3
Episode: 14
Title: The Female of the Species
Original Air Date: February 12, 2015

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Favorite Quotes:

* Gregson: We’ll keep you safe.
Joan: Thanks.

* Sherlock (to Bell): I do owe you a debt. You remember the unfortunate business with and a bullet.
Bell: I remember when you got me shot.

* Bell: You say that like it explains why you are weighing a toaster.

* Joan: If you’re gonna stay you can work. I know you want to.

* Sherlock: My choices do not have to be your choices, Watson.
Joan: I might be better off if they were. Andrew would have been better off.

* Sherlock: People, Detective Bell, are not you and me.

* Joan: Our work, what we do, it’s not just a job now. It’s who I am. I’m a detective. I’m ready to embrace that. And live in this world, your world, and I probably will for the rest of my life.
Sherlock: It isn’t my world, it’s our world.

Synopsis: Joan goes to a prison to visit a female cartel boss to ask about her boyfriend’s murder. She lays out what she has proved happened so far. At the station, Gregson tells the two that she’s now in isolation. He also vows to protect Watson. Sherlock offers to keep bringing Watson food and help in any way he can. A man comes to see Sherlock for help. He turns him away. However, a few concessions get Sherlock to help. They take a field trip to a zoo where he works. The zebras have been stolen. They are both pregnant with a fast approaching due date. Sherlock asks Bell to assist him on the zebra case. Bell agrees to help. Sherlock will track his hours and make a donation on his behalf to the Harlem Youth Club. Bell asks about security cameras. They were disabled just before the zebra theft. Bell insists that Sherlock call him Marcus. Bell finds some purple paint from a specific company’s truck. Bell joins Sherlock at the brownstone. Sherlock informs him one of their trucks were stolen a week ago. Sherlock is deducing what was in each package that was in the stolen truck. They find where all the packages were dumped. They discuss Joan. In the pile, they find a receipt for an equine hospital. At Joan’s, Andrew’s father drops off some of her stuff from Andrew’s place. They discuss the woman who had him killed. Bell and Sherlock stake out the equine hospital. They see the purple truck. It’s empty now, but it clearly had the zebras. They hear sounds and follow. They find the zebras. Sherlock finds of vial of a medicine to induce labor. Both zebra’s have given birth and the babies are gone. Sherlock does uncover a dead body in the process. It’s a dead vet. Now Bell is back on the clock. The dead vet has DNA they will try to identify. The zebras are taken back to the zoo. Sherlock finds evidence that the vet was an unwilling victim. Sherlock is at Joan’s house and makes and serves her dinner. Joan finally opens up and starts talking. Joan gets to wake Sherlock up for once. Sherlock fills her in on their progress. His search areas came up empty. Joan tells him about a closed hospital that had a working farm. They think they found one of the baby zebras. Sherlock points out it’s a quagga. They’ve been extinct since 1883. The zebras were not pregnant with zebras but the quaggas. They speak with the moderator who is also the zookeeper. He is completely shocked about what’s happened. Sherlock and Bell meet with the zebra team at the zoo. Sherlock just randomly picks someone as the suspect. Sherlock tells Bell (in an aside) that he purposely name the wrong suspect to find the real one. He gets Ben Reynolds. He lawyers up. Bell puts a surveillance team on him. Sherlock drops in to check on Joan. He brings her food and mail. He tells her what’s happened, including the new baby animals of an extinct species. Alana March sends a postcard threat to Joan. Bell calls and Ben is in the wind. Sherlock meets Bell at Ben’s apartment. Sherlock finds some secret tunnels to an old speakeasy. One tunnel is in Ben’s apartment. At the brownstone, Sherlock and Bell discuss the one remaining quagga. Sherlock did some research about illegal sales of endangered species. Bell fell asleep on the couch. Sherlock woke him up just like he was Joan. A confused Bell arrives at the diner. He tells Bell that he cracked the code of the ads. They watch Reynolds meet with a man. He sees the quagga and signals. The two watch the arrest. Sherlock shakes Bell’s hand and gives him a compliment. At Joan’s apartment, she gets a letter from Moriarty. While we hear the letter in Moriarty s voice at the prison a guard finds Alana March dead. Joan arrives at Sherlock’s and shows him the letter and tells him what happened. She’s had a revelation. She’s a detective now and there won’t be anything normal anymore. She informs him she is going to completely commit to being a detective and she wants to come back to the brownstone.

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