Numb3rs S02, Ep20 – Guns and Roses

Show: Numb3rs
Season: 2
Episode: 20
Title: Guns and Roses
Original Air Date: April 21, 2006

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Favorite Quotes:

* Robin: So do you always hang out alone at the gun range on Friday night?
Don: Well, clearly its where all the pretty girls show up.

* Charlie: 100 people commit suicide every hour.
Larry: And 300 stars die every second.

* Megan: Wouldn’t you say taking your own life is more than a little off?

* Amita: We all have professional commitments, but that doesn’t mean we’re not responsible for the choices me make.

* Robin: Look Don, I don’t know what this woman meant to you, but I doubt she would want you to compromise yourself and neither do I.

Synopsis: A woman takes a handful of pills with a lot of alcohol. She’s looking at wedding photos and crying. She loads her gun. Don is at the range practicing. Robin talks to him and thanks him for his help on her case. They wind up going out. Don gets a call that interrupts. He has to run to a crime scene. It’s the woman from the beginning of the episode. She committed suicide. She is also an ATF agent. Don is clearly upset. We then see a flash of a photo of her with Don. At the office, Don is a force regarding the agents death. Megan questions Don and learns that he knew her. Charlie arrives. Don asks Charlie about the student who committed suicide last year and requests Charlie see if this doesn’t add up as a suicide. In Charlie’s office, he and Amita are analyzing the deceased’s life. ATF busts into a house and it turns out to be an exercise. David and Megan talk to her team. They learn she suffered a knee injury last year that she never recovered from. They also learn that she and her husband were having some serious problems. Megan fills Don in. She feels she did kill herself. Charlie disagrees. David comes in, the husband never bothered to come back and he’s in Mexico. He also has her phone records and the last person she called was Don, but she didn’t leave a message and he missed the call. At the campus, Amita finds Charlie outside taking a break. They discuss how difficult it is to be a cop and a cop in a relationship. Don goes back to the scene. The husband turns up. He tells Don that Nikki had cancer. At the office, Megan has the radio communication from that night. At the house, Alan looks at the photo that Don kept. They talk. At the scene, David, Charlie and Larry try to recreate the gunshot. They can’t get anything to match the audio recording. Something occurs to Charlie and he races to Don’s office. Charlie tells him he thinks someone was with Nikki when she died. Megan and David start working on the members of Nikki’s team. Her team was running from an informant’s tip, but maybe the informant was playing both sides. In Charlie’s office, Larry starts a debate about the usage of DNA. Don goes to visit Robin. He’s asking for a favor. He tells her what happened. She will try and help. They get the informant’s information. When they go to talk to him they find not only he is dead, but Nikki’s husband is too. Now they focus on the husband again and rumors he did something that put her in a bad position. Amita finds Charlie on the floor in his office. She gets sucked into Larry’s debate. Back at the house, Don discusses Nikki with Alan. And failed relationships. Don gets a call and heads to a stake out. They captured two but the third runs. They give chase and catch him with a tazer. Don and Robin tag team one of them in interrogation. Robin can’t hold him though. They release him and keep him under surveillance. Charlie comes running in with news. He gives them three images of what the man might look like. One of the three images looks a lot like one of her team members. Meanwhile, a bank truck heist is taking place. They kill both the drivers. The team member is one of them. Don and his team get there before they get away. One of the robbers is taken down, then a second. It’s down to the last man, Rowe, and it’s a massive gunfight. Don finally gets him. At the house, Alan orders a pizza. They discuss agents cracking. Charlie is worried about Don. Don goes to see Robin at her house.

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