The Nanny S02, Ep05 – The Curse of the Grandmas

Show: The Nanny
Season: 2
Episode: 5
Title: The Curse of the Grandmas
Original Air Date: October 10, 1994

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Favorite Quotes:

* Fran: Does anyone know what today is?
Niles: Another one of your colorful holidays involving plague?

* Fran: You’re just gonna have to earn a merit badge to find out.

* Fran: How would you feel is you were old and alone and forgotten? Oh, bad example.

* Niles: I am guessing the field trip was less than a success considering there was a body count.

* Max: Miss Fine, you’ve barely spoken a word to me in 12 hours. It’s beginning to scare me.

* Grandma Yetta: See honey, you’re not a jinx cuz I’m not dead and I wish I was.

* Fran: Look at me, I’m hanging on every word like you’re Yoda.

* CC: I can’t walk down the aisle alone.
Niles: I say prepare for the inevitable.

Synopsis: Fran and Grace get ready for her Red Robin Troop meeting. Max asks Fran if she’s available Saturday night. She thinks he’s remembered it’s her one year anniversary. Now Fran is leading a troop meeting. Maggie and Brighton come downstairs to head out and shop. Fran tells the troop they are going to her grandma’s retirement home and going to adopt a grandma. CC doesn’t agree with the idea. They arrive at the home and each go find their grandma. Grandma Yetta doesn’t recognize Fran. Grace comes over to Fran. Her adopted grandma passed away. Back at the house, all the Red Robin’s go home. Grace is a little upset. The doorbell rings and its one of the Red Robin moms. She’s trying to steal Niles. Later, Maggie and Brighton are still discussing a gift for Fran. Fran goes into Max’s office. She tells him about the woman wanting Niles. He tells her he gets a call nearly every day. Fran also learns that Max and CC are going to New York Saturday night. Fran gets Grace ready for their next trip to the retirement home. She has a new grandma for Grace. Max comes in and he’s clueless. When they get to the home, Fran assures Grace her new grandma is healthy. They learn she’s dead. The rest of the residents think Grace is a jinx and run for it. Now Grand Yetta is her adopted grandma. Grandma Yetta notices Fran’s upset. But doesn’t help the situation. At the house, Max and CC get ready for their trip. Niles finally clues him in to why Fran is upset. As Max talks it out he realizes he’s screwed for forgetting Fran’s one-year anniversary. It’s Saturday night. Fran yells for the kids, as Max won the award. They watch him give his acceptance speech. Her wishes her a happy anniversary and CC faints. Back at the house, Max thanks her again.

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