Elementary S03, Ep13 – Hemlock

Show: Elementary
Season: 3
Episode: 13
Title: Hemlock
Original Air Date: February 5, 2015

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Favorite Quotes:

* Joan: You know you can always call me if you want to talk.
Sherlock: You want your independence. I will not intrude.

* Sherlock: Would you mind telling us why you’re pretending to be the secretary of a man who hasn’t worked here in six months?

* Sherlock: You are not people Watson, neither is Kitty.

* Bell: I’m not moving in with you.
Sherlock: Didn’t ask you to.

* Sherlock: Everyone who got a call from SMH had motive to kills Stephen Horowitz.

* Joan: People by things they can’t afford. I’m aware of the concept.

* Sherlock: Stephen Horwitz might not have been killed because he was a debt collector, he might have been killed because he was a debt forgiver.

* Gregson: So Stephen Horowitz was what, some kind of Robin Hood?

* Bell: It’s like the Grinch giving back Christmas.

* Joan: I hate it when you’re right.

* Sherlock: I’m an expert in many things, but love is not one of them.

Synopsis: Sherlock reviews a cold case with a one night stand. He also tells her he figured out who Jack the Ripper was. Actually, he’s with two girls. Later, he’s playing chess with a man. He’s also boring him with murder cases. He then starts a conversation with his one stick dummy. The doorbell rings, it’s a possible new client. She wants him to find out if her husband is cheating on her. Sherlock and Joan go to the man’s law office. When they go to his office, they learn he was laid off 6 months ago. They have a private chat with her. He pays her to answer the phone. He’s had some suspicious things sent to him and suspicious calls as well. It leads them to a restaurant. While checking it out, Joan brings up the idea of Sherlock getting a roommate. They find Jason’s car. It’s been booted too. They find an office across the street. They go through the office and learn many things and also find brain matter. The police confirm it’s Steven. Joan has a date night with Andrew. He wants her to meet his dad. She’s not excited. Next day at the brownstone, Sherlock is trying to figure out what SMH was actually doing. He was a debt purchaser. When he explains this to Joan, she’s a bit shocked. They go to the station to talk to one of Stephen’s employees. Gregson and Bell interrogate him. They manage to get the complete debtors package that Stephen bought. Sherlock finds a possible suspect on his list. When they arrive, he’s quite incapacitated. The man’s aunt recognizes Stephen. Stephen had a change of heart after meeting Owen, he forgave his debt. Turns out that he also had investors. Specific people who helped finance Stephen’s debt collection business. Joan goes out to dinner with Andrew and his dad. His father is quite impressed by Joan. After dinner, Joan goes back to the brownstone and punches Sherlock. Joan finally notices that Clyde is painting. Sherlock has been thinking and has analyzed quite a few additional motives. The next morning, Sherlock brings Joan some breakfast as she fell asleep in her old bed. He’s also found the motive is a ski resort. Owen’s house is in the middle of it and is the only hold out. Sherlock and Joan go and pay that investment firm a visit. He accuses all of them of possibly being a killer. But after meeting them all Sherlock doesn’t believe any of them could have physically killed Stephen. The two go back to the law firm to look at some paintings. It looks like one of the partners at the firm might have tipped Stephen off to the debtors list. He’s the lawyer for the ski resort. They take painting with them. It haunts Joan at the brownstone. But when she takes it down she notices his glasses and how today he was wearing a different pair. They have him come down to the police station to chat. The glasses triggered them to go over the crime scene again. Pieces of his broken glasses were there. At the brownstone, Sherlock meets with the widow. He presents her with the debt package. He tells her that Stephen was going to forgive it all. She leaves the debt package. Sherlock then spends the day shredding it. Joan goes on a date with Andrew for coffee. He drinks hers by mistake. She starts breaking up with him, but he starts having some kind of attack and seizing. He’s gone within a couple of minutes. She starts CPR to try to save him.

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