Numb3rs S02, Ep16 Protest

Show: Numb3rs
Season: 2
Episode: 16
Title: Protest
Original Air Date: March 3, 2006

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Favorite Quotes:

* Alan: Matt Sterling’s guilt was never proven in a court of law.

* Alan: He was a good speaker too. That’s what got him in trouble with the FBI. He could speak their language.

* Dr. Kemple: It’s all right. I’m ready. I’ve been waiting 35 years for you.

* Don: You know, Tom, I’ve had a few wrong hunches in my time.

* Don: Yes Mrs. Sterling I’m asking for your help. Ok, a man died on Sunday. I have two letters promising more.

* Don (toTom/Sisco): Do you realize without you there might not have been an ROTC bombing?

* Larry: The result should be a short list of places to find a man hidden in plain sight.

* David: Guess you do know a little about explosives.
Colby: Yeah, that’s right. Blasting gel is more powerful than dynamite but it’s a lot more stable too.

* Alan: Donnie, I’m the same guy I was then. I still believe in the same things.
Don: Well, good.

Synopsis: Someone is making a bomb. Somewhere in the city, an older couple goes to an ATM. It explodes. At the office, they receive a note about the bomb. They use an old group name. A retired FBI agent shows up to help. He’s retired but willing to help. He also brings a suspect with him. He briefs them on the original bombing. David and Colby talk to a local recruiter. At the house, Alan tells his boys that he knew Matt Sterling and was an anti-war protester. They fight. At the office, they are still trying to figure out what is going on. David visits a man running a construction site. At Don’s office, the retired agent gives Don a file on his dad. He doesn’t think Don should be leading this case. The analysis of the bomb comes back matching his signature. Megan goes to visit another of Matt Sterling’s friends. Don does the same. They both hit a brick wall. Charlie meets with the agent. He wants to use the data he has, and he won’t share. At Charlie’s office, he is working with Larry and Amita to analyze more data. An alarm goes off and everyone evacuates. The globe in the courtyard has been lit on fire. At Don’s office, the retired agent wants to go crazy on everyone. He takes a potshot at Don. Matt Sterling’s daughter shows up at Charlie’s office. She has brought her father’s hairbrush, so they can use the DNA. She just wants the truth. Don asks his dad for information. He shows him the files. Back at the office, the whole team digs in on Alan’s records. It gives them a lead, Dr. Sarah Kemple. Don and Megan pay her a visit and bring her downtown. In the interrogation room, she confesses to making the first bomb. But states clearly, she had nothing to do with the newest bombing. She tells them about a guy named, “Cisco” who was in the group. Don tells the retired agent about the confession and new name. He had blown it off. Charlie and Amita dig more into Alan’s papers. They’ve learned that the FBI was somehow inside of the organization. Don talks to Mrs. Sterling. He tells her that Matt Sterling has been cleared. She knew of Sisco. Matt was afraid of him and how far he would go. Charlie brings Megan and Don up to speed. Don confronts Tom about Sisco. Turns out Tom, the retired agent, was Sisco. They also learn only 1/3 of the bomb making material that was stolen was used. The rest is still missing. In a business building a bomb goes off. Megan talks to Dr. Kemple again. She tells them about a book, but it’s been missing for 35 years. She tells them where she hid the materials and that they disappeared. Megan and Don go back to talk to Mrs. Sterling again. They learn some new information. Now they are hunting for Matt Sterling, who is clearly missing. Charlie and Amita compile of list of places that he could be where he wouldn’t be noticed. In an area heavily wooded, they find Matt Sterling’s car. Don finds what are most likely his remains. It was clear there was an explosion. The nitro from the first bombing is not being used now. David found a name, Jack Bennet. He’s an old member. He’s also the construction company owner. He denies that it was him. Don and his team keep digging deeper on this check and the construction company. They confirm it’s not the owner’s signature. Charlie points them towards Bennet’s son. His son proves that it’s him. After Colby saves the explosion they arrest Bennet’s son. He’s shocked to learn the things he thought were his dads weren’t. Don confronts Tom, the retired agent. Charlie meets with Miss Sterling. He tells her that her father died while doing a good thing. That his father knew her father and what a good man he thought he was. She tells him about a memorial service they are going to have for him and invites Charlie and his father. Back at the house, Don tries to make amends with his father. They have a heart to heart.

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