Numbers S02, Ep14 – Harvest

Show: Numb3rs
Season: 2
Episode: 14
Title: Harvest
Original Air Date: January 27, 2006

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Favorite Quotes:

* Lawyer: Do you always do what your doctor tells you?
Megan: I’m not talking about lowering my cholesterol.

* Colby: Maybe they can check and see if he’s a donor.

* Charlie: Where he went couldn’t have been random.

* Charlie: It’s a treasure map.

* Alan: India? What are they doing here?
Don: Selling their kidneys, believe it or not.

* Alan: I’m not saying it’s right. But when it comes to your own mortality, you’ll grab onto anything to save your life.

* Amita: A one in four chance is better than no chance at all.

* Amita: An absence of proof is the not the same thing as a proof of failure.

* Don: I think he made the choice and she’s finding out what it details.

Synopsis: Charlie, Alan, Larry and Amita are at a symposium. Charlie is presenting the Milton prize. He won last year. Amita has won it this year. Don and David are running down a Homeland Security tip. They head down to the basement of the hotel. They find a storage area that is a crime scene. They follow the sound of a door creaking. A woman being held captive is found and rescued. At the office, the team tries to figure out who the woman is. Charlie and Amit stop by. The woman starts speaking in a language to Amita. The two decide to help on the case. Amita tells them that she spoke to her Tamil. Mega takes Amita in with her. Megan calls for a translator. Amita gets her to speak in English. At the scene, they continue to investigate. At the house, Charlie and Larry are analyzing the ice melt rate. David and Colby go to visit the delivery man. He tells them he saw a private ambulance. There are no matching 911 logs, so the ambulance is a mystery. It’s finally tracked to an ER. The doctor takes Megan to the morgue and shows her a body with a kidney removed. Her blood matches the blood at the hotel. Megan and Amita go to visit Santi at a jail. The dead girl is not her sister, but one of four girls brought over to sell a kidney. She escaped but went back to find her sister. Someone did take their name off the transplant list. Megan goes to talk to the doctor who worked with that patient. The doctor tells her about kidney village in India. The patient is too sick to talk, so Megan requests all the paperwork. Amita appears in Charlie’s office, clearly shaken. He lets her talk for a while. She wants to help but doesn’t know how. He suggests her grandmother. Her eyes light up, she kisses him, thanks him and takes off. David and Colby go to take to the ambulance driver and he runs. They pursue the ambulance driver. The pursuit ends with the ambulance t-boning a taxi and flipping over. The ambulance driver is dead. Amita takes Charlie to visit Santi. Charlie has to rush off. Amita tells her about what she does. Her grandmother sent her prayer items. Colby and David run into a dead end on the ambulance and ask Charlie for help. Charlie points out mileage as a factor. He can use the mileage to narrow down where the driver went that wasn’t logged. David is skeptical. Don arrives at the house to find his dad. Alan tells him about a friend who died of kidney failure. Charlie and Larry are plotting the ambulance log. University General Hospital is where the map leads them. Michael Tocheck comes up. In the morgue there are five bodies, but only paperwork for four. When David lifts the blanket it’s another Indian girl. She was stripped of a lot more than just her kidney. Charlie teaches them about the optimization protocols for transplants. Sadly, Santi’s data doesn’t match anyone on the transplant list. Megan arrives. She has a disc with more patients on it from Tolchek’s computer. There’s a perfect match. Don and Megan visit him. His daughter was not aware. Megan pays the daughter a visit. She tells her the last person to get one of these transplants died of a massive infection. She gives Megan a location. They get there just before he cuts her open. Don arrests him. Amita goes to visit Santi and brings her sister. It’s a happy reunion. Back at the house, Amita has brought dinner for everyone. They ask about the girls. Amita is using her award money to pay for them to go back to school. Amita is also going to take a trip to India with her grandmother.

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