The X Files S01, Ep20 – Darkness Falls

Show: The X Files
Season: 1
Episode: 20
Title: Darkness Falls
Original Air Date: April 15, 1994

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Favorite Quotes:

* Scully: And you suspect what? Bigfoot?

* Scully: You get the impression we’ve walked into the middle of a war that’s already started?

* Scully: You’re right about one thing. It definitely wasn’t Bigfoot.

* Scully: What kind of an insect could have gotten a man all the way into the tree?
Mulder: Itsy bitsy spider.

* Mulder: You’re right and we’re wasting time arguing about it.

Synopsis: A group of lumberjacks are trapped in the forest. They all decide to try and make a run for it before night falls. Two men hear an overwhelming buzzing as a large group of green bugs descend on them. Mulder shows Scully a photo of the loggers. They’ve all disappeared. And so, have the people sent in to find them. Now Mulder and Scully go looking for them. They meet with a Federal Forest Service Agent. Another man joins them, he works for the logging company. They take a four-hour drive to the site. They drive over some spikes. The rest of the way they have to hike. The camp is deserted. Everything has been sabotaged. They survey the area that’s been clear cut and find a giant cocoon. Scully gets hauled up to cut it down. She is shocked to find a body in the cocoon. The logger get the generator fixed. He finds an eco-terrorist inside. Mulder comes in and stops him from killing him. Everyone is confused. He describes the bugs devouring a human. Turns out the loggers have been taking old growth trees. The logger refuses to listen and goes outside the cabin after dark. He taunts it. The next day, they recheck the trees cut down. One has a strange green ring. The ranger takes a core sample of the tree with the green ring. The logger leaves to hike to the disabled truck and radio for help. At the cabin, the ranger finds that there are tiny bugs living in the ring. He can’t identify the bug. The eco-terrorist tells them people started dying and disappearing only after that tree was cut down. The logger makes it to the truck but there isn’t a key. As he’s working on the engine he hears strange buzzing sounds. He thinks it’s the monkey wrenchers. A swarm of green bugs come out of the sky and he jumps in the truck. He hotwires it, but it doesn’t move. They come in through the vents and start attacking him. They suck him dry quite quickly. In the cabin, Scully keeps analyses the bugs. Mulder thinks that a volcanic eruption caused the weird bugs to grow. He thinks it could be an extinct species that was trapped in the tree and only released as it was cut down. The group survives another day. The eco-terrorist sneaks out and steals the gas can. Mulder catches him. Later, Mulder fixes the radio and tries to call for help. The ranger discovers the terrorist is gone and he’s furious. Scully and Mulder get into a fight. Mulder decides they have to seal the place up as best as they can. Night falls and no one sleeps. Scully can actually see the bugs coming in where its dark in the corner. Outside, the generator is starting to run low. Scully is barely keeping it together. The generator starts to falter. Mulder tries to comfort her with the radio transmission for help. The gas runs out in the generator. Luckily, the sun is rising. They take one of the tires of the trashed truck at camp and head towards the truck. When they arrive, the find the logger dead in a cocoon inside. They hear the jeep with the terrorist. He came back. He tells them his friends are all dead. Everyone jumps in and tey try to make it out before sunset. However, they run over spikes and they can go no further. The bugs start to swarm him and he runs from the car. The bugs get in the car and start attacking the three. A helicopter flies in. Several vans also make their way in. They are in full hazmat suits. They find the three in the jeep still alive and evacuate them. They are taken to a quarantine center. Mulder is up and moving but Scully is still not out of the woods. The head scientist tells Mulder the forest will be hit with pesticides and burned until every bug is dead.

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