Elementary S02, Ep18 – The Hound of the Cancer Cells

Show: Elementary
Season: 2
Episode: 18
Title: The Hound of the Cancer Cells
Original Air Date: March 13, 2014

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Favorite Quotes:

* Joan: We find her you’re making me a martini with that thing.

* Sherlock: I think you’re right, Dr. Granger was murdered.

* Joan: Don’t serial anything’s start close to home?

* Joan: Are you ok? You seem hyper.
Sherlock: I may have had a coffee or three with my tea this morning.

Synopsis: Bell has passed his firearms qualifications and can finally carry a gun again. Bell also gives a case to Joan for she and Sherlock to look into. The witness has disappeared. A researcher goes to his office. He becomes disoriented in the shower. He’s been gassed to death. The Captain, Sherlock and Joan are on the scene. Sherlock finds evidence that it was a murder. They speak with the person running the project. It’s a breathalyzer that detects cancer. At the station, Joan confirms his alibi. Joan is also making progress on tracking down the missing witness. She tracks down an old teacher. The missing witness is there. She tells Joan that her life is being threatened and she’s pregnant. At the brownstone, Gregson calls Sherlock and lets him that the travel agency they visited earlier is empty. As soon as he ends the call she shows up at his door telling him she is Mossad. She has a theory on who killed Dr. Granger. It’s regarding the person who said the research was false. She gives Sherlock a flash drive with emails she was able to track down. Joan tells Bell that she found the witness but her and her unborn baby’s life is in jeopardy. At the brownstone, Sherlock is actually reading the emails word for word. Joan confronts him about Bell’s party. Once that is dealt with they once again focus on the Adam Peer emails. They two go and interview the first “victim” of Adam Peer. Bell goes to visit Nichole. He visits with the teacher and lets him know that he isn’t upset she doesn’t want to testify. Sherlock finds the missing scientist but he moved to Mexico and died surfing. They go back to speak to Adam Peer’s first victim, they believe it to be her. She tells them she is only half of Adam Peer. It was her and Barry Granger who made up Adam Peer. She’s brought into interrogation. Someone impersonated Adam Peer, reason to be determined. Joan and Sherlock go back to Adam’s boss. He provides a list of people who would like to stop his work. The teacher comes to visit Bell. Nicole has left. They discuss what they have done for their neighborhoods. At the brownstone, Joan’s been researching who else could compete with the cancer detector. Sherlock is now considering Bell’s party. The Captain calls. Adam’s boss has been arrested for murdering his wife. Sherlock informs the Captain that someone is targeting the man’s work. Sherlock thinks someone is setting him up. Sherlock wakes Joan. The alibi checks out. He researched the company Joan found. They are a likely culprit. Interviewing him does not go as planned. He just planned to buy the company. Adam’s boss is brought back into interrogation. Sherlock, Joan and Gregson lay the whole plot out. His girlfriend flipped as well. Bell gets a call. Mr. Rose (the teacher) is dead. Bell stands outside at his party as Sherlock approaches. The two go for coffee until Bell is ready to go in.


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