Numb3rs S02, Ep01 – Judgement Call

Show: Numb3rs
Season: 2
Episode: 1
Title: Judgement Call
Original Air Date: September 23, 2005

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Favorite Quotes:

* Don: Four shots point blank ain’t a surprise. That’s premeditation.

* Charlie: I’m not really good at reading those kinds of signals.
Amita: No, you’re not.

* Megan: You have to start somewhere.
Charlie: No, you have to start everywhere.

* Megan: Human behavior is not that rational.

* Charlie: My system is not meant to be a replacement for your skills.

* Don: You get your case back and I’m back at square one with the wife’s murder.

* Charlie: What’s the difference between my math and a partial fingerprint?

* Don: I’m not dating anyone.
Alan: So I noticed.

* Charlie: Although we can’t fully explain pi, it keeps working.

* Don: I never ruled out the possibility of some kind of quantum entanglement.
Charlie: That’s not one of mine.

Synopsis: A woman drives home and pulls into her garage. But someone is in her garage waiting and kills her with a shotgun. Don wonders if the wife was the target, or if it was actually her husband who’s a judge. At Don’s office, there are piles and piles of files to go through of possible suspects. Charlie will try to create an equation to narrow down the field. Don interviews the judge. Colby and David go to visit the criminal that is in the judge’s courtroom. He gives them an enemy who might be interested in the case. At the courthouse, Don talks to a lawyer, and asks her to lunch. Charlie pops up and lunch becomes a rain check. David and Colby go to talk to the next in charge in his gang. But the gang is all there and they are outnumbered. Back at the house, Alan, Larry, Charlie and Amita are suddenly drug into one of Larry’s random topics. He tells a story about a 5th grade crush. They switch to the case and Larry points out that the prosecutor could be a target too. Colby comes up with some domestic disturbance cases, five to be exact, between the judge and his wife. Don goes back to talk to the judge. He tells Don he was an alcoholic and his wife left him because of it. He’s now in AA. Charlie and Megan discuss methodology in his office. Megan gets a call from David. The gang might take another shot at the judge. They raid the gang. At the courthouse, as the judge and the suspect are being escorted out, someone on a motorcycle opens fire. They get him. It’s Raymond. David and Don interrogate Raymond. He claims self-defense. Back at the courthouse, Nadine thanks him for saving her life. She still leaves the door open for romance. Amita, Megan and Charlie are back in his office crunching numbers. Larry joins them. Megan and Larry flirt a little. Amita and Charlie’s analysis narrow it down to two suspects. Megan shows both files to Don. Don is skeptical. At the house, Alan and his sons are having dinner. Charlie is bragging about how Don saved the prosecutor. David and Colby go to talk to the tipster about Lance Dolan. He has a girlfriend and they keep an eye on her. Don doesn’t understand why Dolan ranks so high on the radar. Megan jumps in to defend this lead. When Colby comes in with the reason for Dolan’s bench warrant, it turns out he stabbed the man who called in the tip about him. They bring the tipster in. Megan and Charlie are going over the other suspect. But he would be bragging about committing a murder. Larry is in the break room and starts talking about a theory he finds romantic. They get Hector to call the girlfriend. She calls Lance and then heads straight to him, to pick him up. They follow her and bust him. He has the gun used to murder the judge’s wife. He tells them he was hired to kill her. Charlie calls Don, there is something that connects the two suspects. They bluff Hector. He gives them the name Josh Calen. He tells them that Mrs. Calen hired Dolan to kill the judge’s wife. She wanted him to know what it felt like to be her. Don tells the judge what happened. Alan and Charlie pop in to take him to dinner. Nadine comes in to go to dinner with Don. He says good bye to Alan and Charlie and heads off on his date.

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