Numb3rs S01, Ep12 – Noisy Edge

Show: Numb3rs
Season: 1
Episode: 12
Title: Noisy Edge
Original Air Date: May 6, 2005

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Favorite Quotes:

* Charlie: I’m just surprised that math isn’t giving me an edge.

* Larry: The fact remains, we may not be alone.

* Alan: Golf balls don’t always do what you expect them too.
Charlie: Yeah well golf balls have to follow the rules of physics, just like any other object.

Synopsis: Don has Charlie look at cases, but they are better off with chaos theory. David comes in and tells them there is an unidentified flying object over LA. Don asks Charlie to try and predict a flight path. The military gets involved too. A family is having a bbq in their backyard and they see the UFO too. Charlie calculates it will fly over downtown. Don and David go to meet with the family who saw it. They also get the video. At the office, an agent from another department joins the team for the search. Charlie and Alan are golfing. Charlie is struggling. He gets a call from Don and uses it to escape. Charlie meets with the NTSB agent and Amita. They analyze radar data. But they can’t do it on a laptop. They ask Larry for some help. He lets them use some of his super computer time. Charlie’s math gets a flight path. It leads to the Staples Center. They brief the team on the new data. They check all the locations that the flight could have taken off from, but they strike out. Larry advises they focus on the plane itself. They overlap all 7 radar maps and think it’s a UFO. But the NTSB agent tells them it’s a human design. Charlie thinks it could have been a vertical takeoff. They visit a company that is running a contest for vertical takeoff. He gives them a few names of engineers who could pull it off. The former partner gives them the name, Gosnell. At the office, Don and David go over Gosnell’s criminal record. Out on the golf course, Charlie has lost his ball and can’t use math to find it. They try to find Gosnell by checking with his son. He’s shocked. They all head to his workspace, but both he and the plane are missing. Outside the hangar, there grass is burnt from the vertical exhaust. His son tells them the history of the project. David goes to talk to the most recent investor who is shocked to learn the plane flied. He gives them some additional information. In Charlie’s office, he compliments Amita on her thesis work. She informs Charlie she might get a second PHD in astrophysics. And that she wouldn’t be his student anymore. The NTSB agent rushes into the office with some more details to analyze. At the office, Charlie tells Don they found the plane. They head out to the search area. A junkyard is within the search area and they head there first. The NTSB agent locates the plane, with Gosnell inside and dead. She checks over the plane and determines it went down due to sabotage. Don tells him the rudder was tampered with and that his father was murdered. At the office, the NTSB agent can’t determine the plane’s flight path. Don goes to visit Charlie. They chat. Don tells him that their dad likes to play golf with him because it’s the one time he gets to teach him something. David calls, Croft sabotaged the plane. They bring Croft in for an interview. Charlie thinks that the servo was not being tampered with but being fixed. Don and David go back and visit Gosnell’s son again. Don and Alan head to the golf course and Charlie joins them. Alan senses Charlie’s frustrations but he tells him he loves it to make him happy.

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