Numb3rs S01, Ep11 – Sacrifice

Show: Numb3rs
Season: 1
Episode: 11
Title: Sacrifice
Original Air Date: April 29, 2005

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Favorite Quotes:

* Charlie: Mathematics can be much more lucrative than fathers think.

* Charlie: Big things disguised as little things.

* Charlie: A mathematical determination of who will or won’t be a winner.

* Larry: Why? To what end? This work is just a self-fulfilling prophecy.

* Charlie: I’ve always believed that it was my duty to develop mathematical tools and someone else’s to use them wisely.

* Larry: Real science is discovery not invention, the truths are there whether we find them or not.

Synopsis: Two security guards investigate an alarm. They find a dead body. Don and his team arrive and are informed that the murder victim is part of a think tank and does classified work. The deceased man’s hard drive was wiped clean and they did not steal the information on it. Charlie will try to reverse engineer the program to restore the files. David interviews the dead man’s wife. Don finds out what the victim was working on and tells Charlie. Charlie discovered a sabermetrics program that he was also developing. At Dr. Hoke’s office, his assistant is working on the computer. He’s not aware that the victim was a baseball fan. Larry comes upon Charlie and Larry hates sabermetrics. Back at Don’s office he and David bring each other up to speed. There’s an insurance policy. Don and David pay a visit to Mrs. Hoke’s boyfriend. It leads nowhere. Charlie analyzes the computer and is interrupted by Scott, the assistant. Charlie and Larry go to Dr. Hoke’s funeral but they are the only ones in attendance. At the house, Charlie works on the case. He learns that his parents nearly divorced when he went to Princeton. The conversation leads Charlie to a discovery. He was trying to apply sabermetrics to real people. Don and Charlie talk with Scott again. From what they learn, the data he was using to determine people’s success was cut off. Don and David go back to the crime scene to take a second look. David finds a wire sticking out of the alarm box. When he pulls the face off he finds evidence of surveillance equipment. Don and Terry talk to the deceased boss about the surveillance and the program he was working on. He disagreed with the statistical analysis and how it was being done. But ultimately, he owns the software. The FBI says it was not their surveillance either. The tech says it was piggybacked, there is no prints. However, the unit was bought by the boyfriend. Don heads back to the boyfriend again. The listening device was Mrs. Hoke’s lawyer’s idea. They interview the wife again. The lawyer turns over the surveillance to prove her client’s innocence. Charlie analyzes the keystrokes and the person who erased the files also had access to the computer at work. Don arrests his assistant for the murder. Before he’s taken away, Charlie asks him why he killed him. His formula would have prevented his school from getting a computer lab. He wanted to stop him from the Nazi’s all over again. Larry and Charlie chat in the garage and get philosophical.

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