The Curse of Oak Island S04, Ep15 – Blood is Thicker

Show: The Curse of Oak Island
Season: 4
Episode: 15
Title: Blood is Thicker
Original Air Date: February 21, 2017

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Synopsis: Digging in GAL1 continues. Lots of wood is coming up between 114 and 119 feet. On Lot 18 Marty, Charles and Gary Drayton are searching the spoils from the shaft. They find a sailing cloth needle. Gary says he found a gold coin, but it turns out to be a button. Later that day, two of the McGinnis sisters arrive on the island. The third sister passed away. Some of her ashes were put into a small sculpture. They’ve come to add her ashes to the McGinnis Foundation. After they all go to the museum. The sisters have brought the gold cross back for analysis by Dr. Lori. She is an art and antiquities expert. She is very intrigued by the cross. It’s high carat weight rose gold. It was made in a cast and the holes are for emeralds. Charles also gives her several other items to see. The tag she is able to see the word Ball on. Next, she examines the spike. The spike piques her interest and she opts to take it with her for further analysis. Back at the spoils pile, they continue to search for metal objects. They find a piece of metal that looks hammered and has a square hole. At GAL1 the grab brings up wood. Some of the piece’s measure 5 inches. As the grab keeps coming up its bring all different kinds of wood each time. Marty thinks it’s the side of an old searcher shaft. Dave Blakenship is not sure where the wood is coming from. They are all a bit excited. As the grab comes up you hear metal scraping. When it exits the tube, you see the metal hanging out of the grab. Closer examination shows it looks hand hammered and it’s heavy. Dave has no idea why it’s down there. Rick and Craig call Marty to let him know what’s going on. The two go through more spoils brought up and put on the land mover. They find pieces of charcoal. It could be the remains of a searcher furnace. It came at a depth of 154 feet. The manager running the dig comes to the brothers and lets them know that the drilling case has a metal object at about 154 feet and they can’t advance it anymore. They decide to lower in a chisel piece in to break up what’s stopping them from advancing. The team heads back to Dan’s house. Dr. Lori is there with the spike and answers. It’s a wrought iron spike that was used like a finishing nail on a Spanish Galleon deck. They tell her about the other spikes that Nolan found in the swamp. She goes on to say that the spike speaks to a date and the coin a culture. Jack is still uncertain and Dr. Lori confirms it’s 100% from a Spanish Galleon and that it could have been sailed by the Spanish or someone who was not Spanish could have procured it. The next day they are back at the money pit. They’ve chiseled through the metal layer and will be using a smaller grab for the next five feet or so. The grab brings up more metal. It’s a corner plate with holes. It’s hammered metal and the holes are not cleanly cut. It has a lot of marks on it too. The next grab brings up washers. They might have located the Chapel Vault or the real Money Pit. The objects coming up have never been documented as items used by previous searchers. Even the drilling team helps Marty and Rick go through the spoils. At 160 feet, multiple metal washers have been found. They are now grabbing below the casing and can only go as far as it will go safely. But it sounds like the grab might have caught on something. The operator says that he’s hooked something and it’s stuck at 160 feet. He tries several techniques to get it free and successfully brings it up. They suspend the dig for now as they can go back to the hole again next season. In the war room, they video conference Dr. Lori. The coin/button is the first thing she speaks about. She confirms it was a British military button dating to the mid-1700s. Next up is the corner hinge with holes. She says they were used to assemble treasure chests. It dates 1650 – 1800. Now they discuss their plan for next year. Rick won’t give up on the swamp. They’ll also continue in Smith’s Cove. The Money Pit is a big discussion and price point but they will continue there as well. Dan shares some wisdom about the next season. The team all says their goodbyes until next season.

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