Numb3rs S01, Ep10 – Dirty Bomb

Show: Numb3rs
Season: 1
Episode: 10
Title: Dirty Bomb
Original Air Date: April 22, 2005

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Favorite Quotes:

* Don: It turns out the wife was right, Ray was a victim.

* Alan: If you’ve got one failing it’s only because you don’t think like a criminal.

Synopsis: A transport team is moving nuclear waste. The truck takes off and the follow car wont’ turn over. The follow team can’t reach the driver. Don and his team arrive and start analyzing what could have happened. There is enough material being transported to make a dirty bomb. Charlie is in his classroom working on a math problem for Larry. He plays a trick on him. Don shows up and asks the two about the nuclear hijacking. They give him a breakdown of the damage that this waste could cause. There is enough material to take out several blocks. Terry and David talk to the follow team. Terry has pulled the driver’s record. They interview his wife. She tells them about a group that approached Ray. The group wanted his route info for a protest, but instead he’s found dead. The truck is being ransomed for $20 million. Charlie comes into the office. Don would like to know if he can predict where they might detonate the material. He can predict a lot of things but not what type of bomb they will use. They get a call from a physicist who spoke to two people about the isotope stolen. Alan comes out and finds the two working. Larry tells Alan what’s going on. After Alan calms down, Charlie asks him to help. Don has a possible suspect. Terry got a notice about C4 missing from a naval base. He then takes off to let Charlie know about the C4. They interview an older gentleman. It turns out his son is friends with the suspect and works at the Naval Base. They search his apartment and the bomb was made there. The hijacker calls in with some ransom information. He’s upped the deadline. Alan tells them Angela’s square is the mostly likely target because of the way the buildings are set. They evacuate the area. As they are searching the area a bomb goes off. Don and his team were within 100 feet, but they are free of radiation. Don thinks it all might be a bluff and a power play. Back at the house, Charlie, Alan and Larry all talk. Charlie is upset because he was going to pick the other location. At the office Don, Terry and David start analyzing the buildings in that area. They go to an art restorers and she have been robbed of some extremely valuable set of paintings, the value is approximately $100 million. Turns out the suspect had rented a space in the same building to case the place and plan the robbery. They track down a rented vehicle. It leads them to a building. They take down the main suspect and two more with him. They don’t find the casks but they find the stolen art. The team interrogates the three they arrested. They realize the casks are still on the trucks and untouched as of yet. At the house, Larry explains this stuff causes the walking ghost syndrome. Charlie wants to use game theory to crack them. Don goes with Charlie on this. He puts all three suspects together and lets Charlie give them a little school session. They get Mark to turn. He tells them where the truck is and that someone is with the truck. They head to the location and approach the building. But the guy with the truck drives it through the doors. He threats to dump the casks. He actually starts to dump them. The man is sick from radiation poisoning. Later that night Don brags to Alan about how Charlie got them to break. But the casks are safely recovered.

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