The Curse of Oak Island S04, Ep13 – One of Seven

Show: The Curse of Oak Island
Season: 4
Episode: 13
Title: One of Seven
Original Air Date: February 7, 2017

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Synopsis: The first two bore holes did not get them the results they wanted. They have let Craig pick the third bole hole. So far they have not hit water on this hole. In the war room, they speak with a researcher. He enlisted the help of a professor and his assistant to assist with the cipher. They’ve determined that French is the language the cipher was created in. A translation is brought about, but it’s incomplete. There is also an inscription on this cipher that translates to one of seven. Which means 6 other pieces are missing and all 7 are needed to solve the Oak Island mystery. Rick, Dan Henske and Jack head to Smith’s Cove the next day to continue searching for the box drains. For today’s work, they have hired a professional operator for the excavator. As the digging begins water starts pooling in the pit. They are forced to quickly set up a drainage pump to remove this new water. Jack jumps into the hole. There is a mysterious pattern of rocks. The archaeologist isn’t sure what it is either. It is determined to be an anomaly. They are forced to stop digging as they get too close to the coffer dam and they can’t risk compromising it for their own safety. In the war room, they meet with the owner of a small island just off the coast of Oak Island. He shows them surveys that were down on the island. It proves the island was man-made. He states that his island is connected by several tunnels to Oak Island. He presents additional pieces of evidence. After his presentation, he makes them an offer to be a consultant for one season to allow them to use the information he has. He’d get a 15% cut of anything found using that data. The whole team returns to Smith’s Cove. Marty hops in the excavator bucket to get lowered into the hole to examine it more closely. He determines it’s man-made. Dan makes the trip over. He believes it’s a box drain also known as a French drain. The coffer dam is too close to excavate the whole system. It would need to be reinstalled farther out and be considerably larger. The archaeologist states that it is a man-made structure. That afternoon, they head to T1 for an update on the progress. Vertical timbers have been pulled up. They’ve been hand cut. This find is a first for the team. A different kind of wood is also pulled up. It’s shaped like a log and based on the smell is very old. Craig wonders if it could be from the original money pit. They send a portion of it for testing.

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