Family Matters S01, Ep16 – The Party

Show: Family Matters
Season: 1
Episode: 16
Title: The Party
Original Air Date: February 3, 1990

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Favorite Quotes:

* Steve: No one slams a phone down like Laura.

* Carl: Eddie is cooking dinner? Maybe I should call 911 now and make a reservation.

* Laura: You’re putting Eddie in charge? Do you want a moment to reflect on this?

* Eddie: What would you rather eat, pizza or a charcoal loaf?
Laura and Judy: Let the man in.

* Carl: I’m not lost. I’m just not sure where I am. There is a difference.

* Mother Winslow: Carl, how many times have I told you there are no shortcuts in life?

* Harriet: Let’s kill him Carl. We’re still young. We can have more children.

* Eddie: I guess this means you’re going to ground us, huh?
Harriet: Into dust.

Synopsis: Eddie is watching music videos on the couch. Steve comes over and Eddie gets him dancing. The next day Carl is practicing a roast speech for his brother’s birthday. In the kitchen, Eddie is cooking dinner. He’s also in charge while they are gone. Rachel comes down the stairs with little Ritchie and a giant suitcase. Eddie presents dinner. The meatloaf is a charcoal briquette. Rodney shows up with pizza. Carl tries to convince his wife, mother and Rachel that he knows where he is going. Mother Winslow scolds him. When he tries to restart the car and continue on, it’s dead. He gets out of the car to check the sign. He is going to walk back to the gas station. Back at the house there is a knock on the door. Rodney told a bunch of people where he would be. It’s two females he is clearly attracted too and he lets them in. Laura decides that she is going to have friends over too. Judy is happy with a bribe. The doorbell rings and it’s a whole bunch of people. Carl gets back to the car and tells them the gas station is closed. The ladies turn on him. He tries to calm them by telling them he called for a tow truck under the highway 180 sign, but Harriet discovers it’s actually 130. However, a bright light comes up behind them. It’s the highway patrol. He offers to help them. At the Winslow house the party is now in full swing. Eddie is trying to clean. Steve comes over. In the kitchen, a fight breaks out. They decide to settle it by replaying a play with a gravy boat. Eddie and Laura go back in the living room and it’s a disaster. Carl and company return home and it’s not good. When the broken gravy boat is discovered Harriet loses her temper. Both Eddie and Laura get a talking to. Carl finally collapses on the couch and hears strange sounds coming from it. He pulls up the seat cushion to find Steve.

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