Numb3rs S01, Ep05 – Prime Suspect

Show: Numb3rs
Season: 1
Episode: 5
Title: Prime Suspect
Original Air Date: February 18, 2005

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Favorite Quotes:

* Don: Our job is to find the girl, with or without the family’s cooperation.

* David: So the reason the hackers can’t break the encryption is the sheer complexity of the math.

* Don: That’s why they took the girl. It’s not Burdict’s money they’re after, it’s everyone’s.

* Charlie: I love this house.
Alan: So do I, but we have to move on.

* Charlie: It’s a 150 year old math problem you know we can’t just solve it because we want to or we need to.

* Charlie: You’ve just asked me to solve one of the world’s biggest mysteries in a few hours.

* Charlie: What do you think we should do now?
Don: Same thing I did when I was in school and didn’t know the answer, fake it.

Synopsis: A little girl is celebrating her 6th birthday. Her father exits early to go back to work in his office. The party ends and one of the clowns kidnaps her daughter. David and Terry go to the scene and begin working the case. Don calls Charlie in on the case. They are going over the work in the father’s office. Ethan (the father) suddenly gets a call and wants all the police out. Ethan gets pissed at Charlie for being in his office. Charlie officially introduces himself. Don tries to reason with Ethan. Don thinks that it’s related to the math work the father does. David goes to speak with someone in the math community who is familiar with Ethan’s work. He was about to publish the solution to the problem he had been working on. Back at the office David has discovered that there was a cable upgrade installed at the house. However, the cable company said they did not do it. Terry takes a closer look at the clown’s photos. She recognizes one to be Paul Ballard. Don shows up at his dad’s house. Alan is showing the house to Meredith. The boys think he’s got a new girlfriend, but it’s a real estate agent he has hired her to sell the house. Terry goes to the Burdict’s house and shows her a photo of Ballard. Later that night at Don’s office Charlie discusses the numbers and encryption of transactions. Don asks Terry why she is so fixated on Ballard. He got her suspended. David finds a hacking suspect. They can’t pick him up because he’s in the wind. David goes to speak with Larry and Amita. Back at the house Charlie asks his dad if he is selling the house because he bugs him. Terry and Don link most of the players in the game. Don sends Charlie to talk to Ethan. He offers to help him create the algorithm to get his daughter back. Ethan accepts. But Charlie discovers a flaw in the logic and that the problem hasn’t actually been solved. They send Ethan a proof of life video. Ethan is now working with the FBI. Charlie will use his work to create an algorithm that will pass initial scrutiny. David interviews Carl’s ex-girlfriend. He called her and bragged about what he was going to do. At Ethan’s house, he, Charlie and Amita are working together on the math. A video is sent to Ethan. Once they have the math they’ll know in 12 hours if it works. Charlie figures out that they don’t want to open every door just one. So the new goal is to create a key that opens that door. Don thinks it could be interest rates. They begin setting the trap. Back at Ethan’s Charlie tells Don the false key is built and Amita is building the trap. Ethan makes the call but the number is disconnected. A message pops up and they email the key. Back at the office the hacker follows the crumbs. They now have an address. They stake out the house. The team starts to move in. The FBI breaches the house and takes out one suspect. Everyone is arrested and the girl is found in the basement. Ballard is there holding a gun to her head. He releases her and is arrested. The girl is returned to her parents for a happy reunion. Back at the family house Alan tells Charlie he got an offer on the house that he is going to accept. Charlie informs Alan that that offer was from him. He is shocked. He tells his dad that since he never paid any rent, he’s welcome to stay as well rent free.

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